$AUR The next EV related hype. Possible huge breakout tommorow. The DeSpac play thats breaking out

After personally being in a bunch of EV hypes such as $GGPI $LUCID $GOEV
I believe that this might be breaking out, in the same way, everyone was going crazy about $GGPI next week. I think this is a huge momentum play with tomorrow possibly being another big gap up. Going in hard with shares because I think the downside is much much lower especially now where it is picking up more and more momentum. Id love if someone provides a technical analysis on this. The post below is a DD I saw on reddit

Watch AUR for next 2 weeks this one is new space .
. volvo uber pixcar all partners with 4 years of lock in cannot sell …this will is going through accumulation …today is day 4 … and this will be going 24 plus soon Aurora Innovation Inc.'s stock see-sawed in early trading Thursday after merging with a blank-check company run by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Zynga founder Mark Pincus.

The self-driving vehicle technology business finished the day at $9.60 a share (Nasdaq:AUR), about 3% below where the blank check company it merged with finished its last day of trading on Wednesday. That gave it a market cap of about $12.5 billion, up from a valuation of about $10 billion it had after a venture round last December.

Aurora is emerging from its combination with special purpose acquisition company Reinvent Technology Partners Y (Nasdaq:RTPY) with about $1.8 billion in gross proceeds from the deal and cash on its books. That’s below the $2.5 billion that was projected, mostly due to the large number of the SPAC’s shares that were refunded before the merger closed.

The company made Pittsburgh its headquarters several months ago, dropping the dual headquarters setup it has been operating under in which Mountain View was the other location. But two of its three founders — CEO Chris Urmson and President Sterling Anderson — remain in Silicon Valley and say they have no plans to move.

Aurora said it plans to use the infusion of new capital to further fund the commercial launch of its Aurora Horizon and the Aurora Connect self-driving subscription services for trucking carriers and ride-hailing fleets, respectively.

Aurora Horizon is expected to launch in 2023 and Aurora Connect is planned for 2024. Both will be powered by the Aurora Driver — the company’s name for its fully autonomous self-driving software and hardware capabilities and the data services that come with it, which had its beta version released last week.

“Today marks a significant milestone for Aurora and the self-driving industry as we revolutionize transportation – making it safer, increasingly accessible, and more reliable and efficient than ever before,” Urmson said in a press release on Thursday


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Also it has backing of major institutional investors including Morgan Stanley, Fidelity, Baillie Gifford, Sequoia, Uber, and Volvo etc. Most of these institutions are physically locked up for 6months through their PIPE investment. This potential means it can break out before any institutions can get out. Most likely causing $AUR to have a buying frenzy. Also when I look at a messaging volume across 4chan and WSB its treading up. I had posted my take on it. I think its a possible after hour runner

Good eye, @Esports_Psycho
I’m adding to this earlier thread by Injustice, since he wrote about it first,

Their team looks promising they have a bunch of high level past directors/executives of GOOGLE,UBER abd Tesla

The have a shit ton of access to data

The potential market for this is beyond stupid. 700 billion dollar trucking market per year means that if they get this right the company can potentially 10x

Its currently riding hard and I expect momentum to shift hard after hours


Looking like a very nice team, great work. Hopping in a safe 10c for March 2022 compared to the launch price. Will look further into this tonight and adjust my position as necessary tomorrow.

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Nice pop AH. Let’s see how this runs!

I’m really happy about those lottos I picked up before close

OI isn’t quite meaningful yet, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be. This definitely seems like something retail will try to pump.

I’ll be watching it tomorrow for sure. The DD is much appreciated.


Had a pretty good pop in AH. I’m liking what I see. Really interested to see what this does between Friday and Tuesday.


In terms of options, what are you guys playing?

Just want to shout out a job well done.


@Esports_Psycho nice work, on your way to the hall of fame :rocket: :moneybag: