AVCT Buyout Swing Play

There’s a lot of indication at the moment that a buyout might occure for the company.

In september 1st, the company made an offering of 14.7 million of common shares to their sales agent Northan Capital Securities

The news was advertised as a simple offering but the following 8-K indicates the purpose of this.

The fillings also indicates that the company is looking to sell more assets or the company globaly.

Furthermore, some changes have been made into AVCT management.

The names in yellow are members of a SPAC known as Navigation Capital who are specialised on aquisitions and mergers.

The price action is currently in the Gulag and opportunity is here.


AVCT currently up 49%. For public disclosure, my position is 20c @ $0.05 average for October 21st at $1 strike.

I think that the price action will continue to ramp in the next days

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Twitter Space for AVCT

I have a few leftovers .5c 1/24 from penny stock scalping when I bottomed out the port.
Completely forgot about this (and missed that .5 run apparently.
Hope it prints for both of us!

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Goodmorning people, AVCT continue it’s run. Up 25% in opening and volume continue to ramp up. I’m still riding the Swing.



Just a note that I’ve been seeing sentiment building on this ticker over the past couple of weeks in Reddit. They’re pointing to a gamma squeeze which seems unlikely given the current sub 50 cent valuation, but building sentiment is worthy of attention.

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Is this running off the Microsoft buyout rumor?

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I think it is! Going to be intersting to follow up thay this week.

Agreed, so if the buyout rumor actually comes about, what happens to options? I remember hearing somewhere that if the buyout price is below the strike price u lose it all. Anyone have experience with this

What Happens to Call Options When a Company Is Acquired?.

This link has an example of a previous a buyout and the impact it had on options, they can easily lose the majority of their value but depends on the strike relative to the offer price afaik.

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For exemple, I got calls @ $1 strike price. Lets say who ever buys the company for 3$ per shares, my contracs value would rase significantly ( with all the other metrics to take in count obviously witch expiring date being the most important)


Thanks, this did clear things up. So I guess all we need to know is likelihood of a buyout, likely buyout price…or just scalp calls. I am considering selling ccs though. Any thoughts would be appreciated

Im wondering whats going with AVCT today

Nvm. I read that Outstanding shares doubled this morning on conversion of warrants into common stock.

Maybe profit taking from the pumpers who got in around .2. I can’t find anything new I the thorough 5 min search I just performed

$AVCT - Knowns and Unknowns - What’s really going on here? : Shortsqueeze (reddit.com)

Lots of people claiming to have very large positions. Lots of discussion in the thread about MSFT purchasing AVCT but I cannot find anything other than Reddit talking about it.

There is some reference to an announcement on October 1 by Microsoft. This is the only thing I can find regarding an announcement and I’m unclear how that correlates to AVCT. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/licensing/news/options-for-hosted-cloud

Microsoft’s conference Ignite is being held October 12 - October 14 so perhaps something will be announced then?

Be careful with this one.


It’s knifing badly now

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This news just came in. Full disclosure - I have zero positions and likely won’t.


AVCT up 11% after the split. Getting back to its pre dump value!