$AVGO being dropped by $GOOGLE also being fined by S.Korea Antitrust for unfair chip supply SAMSUNG

This is a good day to play AVGO day trade or a swing as I see this can go into tomorrow too. When this dog runs it does run and when it falls it does fall. $-45 PM isn’t much for AVGO. This is a bad news being Dropped by Google. Falling behind in AI ain’t the way nowadays. Anyone else wants to put their 2 cents in?


Maybe consider QQQ puts to take advantage of yesterdays FOMC interest rate announcement and to capture broader tech sector that likely will be impacted by AVGO news?

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I feel overall market will be shitty at least the first part of the day

AVGO definitely tempting. Would you typically jump in at market open for 1DTE puts given the drop pre market or wait until after 10EST as many here suggest

Broadcom falls on report Google discussed dropping firm as AI chip supplier | Reuters also mentions MRVL.O as a supplier for their data centers.

could this just be a negotiation tactic. samsung did the same thing with google threatening to use bing instead si they can get a better deal. we could be playing puts short term but call leaps may be a move too

I would wait until 10 am. And I do t know if i would do 1 dte. I would probably go for next week’s exp. Yes they’re premiums are expensive

go for the 650 strike if anything