BBBY- BBBY vs AMC secondary runner

Hopped into TF earlier and was a lot of convo about AMC being secondary runner with GME if and a big if it happens to run. Got to thinking about the scenario. Here’s what I came up with. I’m wrong a lot so if I am now it’s not surprising.

SI and Floats

Currently the SI on both are relatively similar with in a few percent. However the float size comparatively is massive. As most of us know AMC has a ginormous float for what they are.

I proceeded to look at shorts average price and BBBY currently has the short average underwater AMC hasn’t crossed that threshold yet. Not that it won’t but there is more pressure at this moment on BBBY.

Second point of thinking was the RC vs AA factor.

I’m sure everyone knows that ANon continues to sell his shares back into the float and then simultaneously throwing money at some mining company that doesn’t mine anything.

On flip side Cohen bought a bunch of BBBY prior to this GME run got a little lift to BBBY and then the news kind of died out. A lot of people or apes as they call themselves love Ryan Cohen like with a cultish weird kind of love. AA has lost a lot of that sentiment and following with his bailing on the shareholders.

As recently as today BBBY announced they would cooperate with Cohen due to his pressure and ownership stake in the company. It popped some fell back and ended up a touch more than AMC.

I am not sure if GME continues to run or if it does BBBY follows suit or AMC does. Just thinking of the sentiment factor and that the RC nuts wingers could potentially run harder at BBBY than AMC.

Just throwing this out for anyones input. Currently not in either

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