BBIG - Bullish on bullshit baby!

So…. the time has come… for us to be potentially bullish on BBIG for a very limited time.

BBIG has finally released the details for their highly anticipated Cryptyde dividend. For those unaware, Cyrptyde is a company that will be doing things like “making bitcoin mining accessible” and “packaging things”. But none of that matters, because retail doesn’t understand spinoff dividends. As a result, this is probably going to register as bullish to them and they think they’ll be getting free money (no).

Filing links:

Let’s figure out the specifics as this play could be extremely profitable in both directions, both the hype and the inevitable crash.


I hear that apparently the new filing is just the same info from their November 9, 2021 8-K:

With the following changes:

  • Updated the year to 2022
  • Updated warrant agreements

If this is really not much more info than before, then I think we can expect the crash to come sooner rather than later?


Nice. Picked up a starter position in the last few minutes of AH. This could be promising as a trade but I really doubt the company will actually deliver any meaningful business. It will definitely be fun to watch in the near term. Cheers!

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Retail sentiment is buzzing on twitter. Its #2 on the afterhours top gainers list for Webull. Think we could definitely see some FOMO tomorrow.

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I look forward to the inevitable crash back down, but there is no reason not to try and catch the run up if it goes.


thank fuck i closed my puts in the last 5 minutes today. looking forward to playing this again now

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When it comes to these plays I never know when to enter. With this play I am thinking about entering in pre-market in the morning as soon as possible expecting it to probably go up a significant amount. But at the same time I’ve seen premarket drive up the price really high and then leading up to market open it gaps down to the after hour price the previous day and premarket was usually people buying too high. If anyone can give me some guidance on this that would be great. Also to clarify I’m talking about shares.


Probably going to take a small position in PM with some tight-ish stops (which I don’t usually use)

Lets have a serious discussion on how we could play this. So everyone and the ape mothers are going to be pumping the piss out BBIG for no great reason. Its safe to assume this will cause massssssive fomo buying and bring in new investors that hear “your going to get rich just trust me”…. The news of kryptide (lol) came out tonight so tomorrow there will most likely be a massive fomo tear jerking pump. There is a opportunity there to possibly scalp calls but i think the play here is mainly on the downfall. BBIG has proven itself to be a SHIT company time and time again. Very easy to time the top of the pumps just based on how hard there being pumped on reddit. Now. I cant say whether bbig will retest its high of $6 again over a few days or if it hits $4 tomorrow and comes crashing down. Im just putting my thoughts out there to watch this stock and if your feeling it buy a call if you think its going to pump but keep your finger on the sell button, the play here is definitely taking a put position whenever sentiment dies out and there is a clear sign of BBIG topping out. Lets try to make some money.


Usually want to wait until 7:15 to 7:30 to show trend, unless trading on webull and at 4am but that’s not worth it to me. I can add it to my callout scalp alerts in the am but looking at the 3.30 3.50 then 4 breaks so far. Support around 3.30 then around 3 and some areas in between. Last peak was rejected at 5.50 and many times before at 6. Watch these levels.


Before too many folks get too caught up on the puts train I think it is important to stress the importance of timing the entry on your puts as we all are pretty sure this thing will crash back down.

My only concern is if you enter too early and you see some unfathomable retail “pump” or “sentiment” and if you don’t give yourself enough time, IV could hurt you if you get a poor entry on puts.

We are sure about the overall general direction the thing comes down to the timing. It can certainly pump up a little more but I also do fear that the pump might not last much as I am pretty sure there are lots of BBIG bagholders at the $4-$5 levels back in late Oct/early Nov when they had the hopium that the Cryptyde dividend news would come out and that they would receive their dividend shares.

As mentioned earlier up top, the Form 10 amendment filing doesn’t offer up anything new in regards to a solid date or anything.


All this sentiment building on nothing. BBIG is a shit company

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Since this thing is running on “reddit” sentiment im seeing a lot of people claiming that cryptyde is going to release the date by monday the latest. Could see a pump for next couple days in hopes for a date release.


We’ll have to see if more news come out tomorrow regarding the SEC filing, but this pump seems to be based on hype more than anything else. I’ll keep a close eye on sentiment metrics since they seem to be the main driver for this ticker. Riding this shit wave as it goes up and miserably crashes down should be fun if we get the timing right


I like this. I’ve been successful in the past riding hype trains and hopping off before things get dicey.

This is going to make me feel all icky but if we make money, I’m sure I’ll find a way to get over it. Thinking of calls for this week expiry if they’re still cheap in the morning and exit for profits asap. Might play the puts but seems like if you can’t stare at the ticker all day you might miss the entry. I am a complete novice but have been listening intently here for a few months. Best of luck to everyone.

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So, Vinco Ventures lists several unrelated brands that make it look like they’re acquiring straight up garbage and trying to spin it as golden investments.

I know they had a leadership change a few months ago timed with the last BBIG run and was surprised to see people in those leadership positions leading Cryptyde (and the random-ass packaging company) so I started to do a little digging.

Ferguson Containers is a packaging business based in Alpha, NJ. It is run by Kevin Ferguson currently. You may know Christopher Ferguson as the former CEO of BBIG.

Both were involved in a company by the name of Edison Nation, Inc. An “innovation marketplace” (think - like those inventors ideas infomercials that offer guidance/mentorship for inventors).

Edison Nation, Inc had several subsidiaries according to a 2018 SEC Filing (former ticker: EDNT - pg 14).

As of December 31, 2018, Edison Nation, Inc. had five wholly owned subsidiaries: S.R.M. Entertainment Limited (“SRM”), Ferguson Containers, Inc. (“Fergco”), CBAV1,
LLC (“CB1”), Pirasta, LLC, and Edison Nation Holdings, LLC. Edison Nation, Inc. owns 72.15% of Cloud B, Inc. and 50% of Best Party Concepts, LLC. Additionally Edison
Nation Holdings, LLC is the single member of Edison Nation, LLC and Everyday Edisons, LLC. Edison Nation, LLC is the single member of Safe TV Shop, LLC. Cloud B,
Inc. owns 100% of Cloud B UK and Cloud B Australia.
On September 30, 2017, SRM and Fergco were acquired by the Company in exchange for an aggregate of 3,000,000 shares of the Company common stock and notes payable
aggregating $2,996,500. This transaction between entities under common control resulted in a change in reporting entity and required retrospective combination of the entities
for all periods presented, as if the combination had been in effect since the inception of common control. Accordingly, the consolidated financial statements of the Company
reflect the accounting of the combined acquired subsidiaries at historical carrying values, except that equity reflects the equity of the Company.

These are all listed as “brands” of BBIG right now.

However, this lawsuit ( reveals that at least some of their acquisitions, namely Cloud B, aren’t going too well. Its other brands seem all but defunct as well. You can actually trace a lot of them though old announcements that Edison Nation made.

Their posted revenue is nothing to write home about.

The kicker for me was when I read this press release Vinco Ventures, Inc. announces deal with OPTEC International, Inc.. I became curious why Markets on Main wasn’t mentioned by Vinco at all. Did they sell it? Was it a spectacular failure? It’s hard to know how we ended up with Markets on Main as a Global Technologies brand, but this press release just seemed so similar to BBIG/Cryptyde to me. Global Technologies, Ltd. to Spin-Off its Wholly Owned

Anyway, the point of me doing this is to showcase how much BBIG/Vinco is exaggerating its successes and how little hope Cryptyde has of working out. Additionally, Markets on Main being spun into its own company with a dividend is just a little too coincidental for me. This shit won’t be a successful company, but it will be a very successful Netflix docuseries one day.

Looking forward to riding the retail zerg up and down!


They have been looking for a date for probably 3 months, maybe even more. Anytime there’s a spike, they say ‘pr must be coming’. So stupid.

The only thing is that a shit load of calls were made and I’m sure there’s some inside info driving this.

I’ve been riding the wave all month. Bought in a couple weeks ago and sold at 5 then reentered on Monday.

I can’t figure out how to attach files to show the option flow. But it’s very bullish.

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If you are on mobile, it will be this button right here while you reply to someone:

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I tried that… But let me try again.

Also, per Conq Si is 27% and utilization is 100% and I think ortex is the same from what I saw.