BBIG I know it’s a dead horse but

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There is a ton of option interest all the way up through the chain for January 21 calls on BBIG. Is there something I’m missing or is this the BBIG cult doing what the BBIG cult does?
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Chat consensus is this would be a really bad investment and is likely the BBIG cult doing what it does best. Lose money :moneybag:


There’s around 160m shares of OI hedging if BBIG was to hit $5 (130% of the float). However, it’s just going to sit there doing nothing unless this has a huge catalyst/ retail sentiment does a full 180. It’s a dogshit stock and probably won’t do anything, but it’s something to keep an eye on just incase.


Might look into selling some calls here at these OTM strikes that will never be exercised. Thanks!

Chain is jacked
Si is loaded.
Sentiment is high and wacko.
Strikes are cheap.
Lmao I’m scalping this one.


Based on the jacked up chain, do you see this hitting $5 next week? I got few calls I got in today and up 90% already. I was thinking of letting it ride until tomorrow and see what it does. Obviously took my initial investment back.

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Unless it gets super shorted again, which I don’t see happening until it hits over 10 again.