BBIG - Moviepass two electric boogaloo

This is a long one so grab your sushi and your stuffed crust pizza.

BBIG is a joke company, it is the traveling salesman trying to come up with that one big idea that will save himself from bankruptcy. BBIG has been a nasty web to untangle and I still haven’t scratched all the way to the bottom just yet.

After looking through what BBIG is fundamentally I have found that it’s core model is buying up worthless or near worthless companies and hyping them up to be something they aren’t.

For instance this is a list of what brands BBIG currently owns

Ferguson Containers
SRM Idea Lab
Cloud B
Best Party Concepts
4keeps Roses
Edison Nation Medical
Smarter Specs
Human Earth
Purple Mountain Clean
Uber Mom
911 Help Now
Everyday Edisons

Some of these brands are simply not on the internet or have no website and can not be found, others advertise innovative products like cake pops or light chasers, the little spinny toys that light up. These brands also feature no name rappers and “influencers” who hype them up in an attempt to continue BBIGs innovation story and build a sense of strong fundamentals. Since these are mostly Pennsylvania based brands it has become literally the Michael Scott Paper Company.

This is where the Moviepass vibe comes in as the founder of BBIG was the chairman of Moviepass which notoriously was a failed startup that had 0 plan to be anywhere close to profitable and stayed alive for two years off hype and attempts at spinoffs and mergers just like BBIG.

Didn’t believe the light chase part? This is from SRM idea lab a BBIG brand

All of these brands and acquisitions seem to be an attempt to become some parent company of brands that would get laughed at on shark tank.

With it’s backbone of brands belonging mostly at a strip mall in Omaha BBIG has to turn to it’s two biggest pipe dreams, Lomotif and Cryptyde. Cryptyde is an NFT marketplace platform that took much longer to find than it should have and is built by a middle schooler. Lomotif is a cheap copy of TikTok but also is their most attractive brand as it has millions of users yet still BBIG is deeply unprofitable.

The big deal right now however isn’t Lomotif it’s TYDE, The soon to be publicly traded version of cryptyde. BBIG is having a dividend spinoff for TYDE on the 22nd and to retail traders this has become a super catalyst that they imagine can bring BBIG to the moon. This will not happen, TYDE will have little to no affect on BBIG come dividend date and I’m more concerned about what happens after the dividend. TYDE simply will be a penny stock and will not be the tendie multiplier many BBIG holders think it can be.

The bull case for BBIG is that this dividend does matter and it will move the stock on an uptrend fueled by their brands performing well and TYDE living up to it’s hype, this is all based on hopium. My case is it’s a 1 for 1 dividend of a company that is realistically going to at best be a small NFT marketplace that makes a couple million every year.

Here is the brand Cryptyde, really innovative

Dilution is also occuring through employee payments and getting money to pay for these acquisitions. This will only add onto the stocks problems.

On to money, BBIG lost 240 million last quarter (8.50 per share). They have 74 million cash on hand. The only path to profitability is Lomotif and TYDE being superheros and they are no Batman and Superman.

Summarizing, BBIG was trading in the dollar range at the start of the year and due to retail sentiment has been ran up massively. However pumping can only take this so far and with a worthless dividend and dilution it seems that BBIG is coming to a head with all it’s plans ending this week we can see the return to reality soon.

So what do we do, I imagine three scenarios

1- BBIG continues this hype train for anywhere between a day and a month and then begins it’s slow but inevitable collapse as the realization sets in that this is a as seen on TV company.

2- BBIG is saved by one of these brands actually taking off and becomes a profitable company three years down the line

3- BBIG is peaking and about to fall off a cliff once the dividend drama ends

I am betting on a mix of 1 and 3. I haven’t gotten in yet and am waiting for the breakdown to confirm that the dividend will accomplish nothing and that this is an overstretched stock. Once that occurs I will probably go into puts for 5s or 6s for late November or December.

Puts are the play but IV is high and this stock is able to move fast randomly so wait for it to really breakdown to get in because I wouldn’t be surprised if it ran for another day or two this week.

This play could be a quick one day Guh on BBIG or a slow burn for weeks so if you are getting in have the plan to hold puts for a little bit it’s not a ten bagger play.

Disclaimer: I wrote this while I was half asleep and there is much I haven’t been able to find on BBIG yet that could be bullish.


Nice bit of information, felt like a story and I wish I had sushi at this time.

It got me wondering where they got the cash from.
Anyway a quick google and I found some discrepancies.
Cryptyde is not the NFT company they baught. It’s called Emersive which also sold 1 nft for 69million. 1 token for 69 mill…

Cryptyde will be utilised to acquire blockchain tech. Probably should google “limitations of blockchain tech” at this stage but cbf.

Lomotive might be a tik tok competitor. The developer jaeson ma helped develop Triller and now known as tik tok. With 31million active users (probably half bots) which also has deals with Instagram, Facebook and snap chat.

As for the dividend, it’s probably worthless untill they make moves in the tech. Like bitcoin back in the day was worthless.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any Bbig at this time.


I used the name cryptyde because it has become the generally accepted name for that brand at large. The NFT market can be a little brain dead so one random expensive sale doesn’t mean much to me.

Also on Lomotif it does compete with TikTok but it’s a fraction of the size and has miles of ground to make up if it really wants to catch them. While Lomotif has 31 million users TikTok has near in the billions.

Also you can get alot of cash off becoming a publicly traded company which they obviously are.

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Bro, thanks for PUTting this together! I know you didn’t sleep to get this done.

Here’s my contribution, the Daily Candles chart…


This is literally already known… You failed to mention that the Board Of Director’s have been Flagged Multiple Times for IPO scams and Investment Fraud… Located in Singapore and India. But, what Mcgruffcrimedog said who is a Demigod… It was always meant to fail… It’s a reverse gamma squeeze. You wouldn’t believe how early I’ve been in running Puts… I literally can’t keep up Shorting this Carrot on a Stick Piece Of Shit! Also you forgot about the company paying and being used by Pump and Dump groups… Plus, if you think this is bad… Check out fucking ANY and SOS… WTF. BBIG is a TiK ToK Flop… Always check the Board… They are sometimes more powerful than the Founders…


Spend some time on trading floor, it’s been a person a day getting banned for losing their minds over BBIGs “string fundamentals”


Oh my man, I’ve literally been called a Nut for running a Short Position on BBIG… Definitely don’t hate your Post… Infact I love the Bearish Attitude on BBIG… They won’t stop telling people to invest until everyone’s dead grandma signs a check… I’m pretty sure it’s all BS… But I could be wrong… I used to only Short OTC scams and Stocks that were dodgy… Well looks like I’m back in action… Plus, there have been people DMing me saying I’m wrong… We will see. Thanks for the post my man…

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bought puts for oct 29. I reasoned since BBIG fell through today, it seems like it already lost the hype train and has started its collapse. Essentially, I am betting we are on option 3 now. hope this works out for every1 participating!


I agree with just about everything you’ve said, but I am inclined to think the timeline may be a little shorter. I am basing this solely on the charts I looked at, ranging from the 1min to the 1yr.

Volume has been on a steady downtrend since September, bands are closing in, and the only big thing I can foresee given its history is a sudden jump for 2-3 days max before a massive drop. I think we’ll see this free fall by end of November, if it even takes that long.

Thank you for all the work!


I did say in heros dd today that I think the hype train already died. And as you see now it hasn’t just died it’s spontaneously combusted.


Also don’t forget about the fact that BBIG did a debt-to-equity conversion of the $120 million it borrowed to acquire Lomotif. It was hidden in that infamous October slide deck at pages 2 and 3. Further dilution that will be more well known over the coming weeks and months.

Look at page 2. $120 million note for acquisition. Then look at page 3. See the note conversion line? That’s right, they converted the $120 million to about 30 million shares. I’m no math minor but that would mean a valuation of $4.00/share.


Nice find… Also they have yet to dump from the millions of shares from the warrants… And we all know what that means… Further Dilution… Plus any other wacky Acquisitions they will use investors cash to buy… Lol

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