Beaker Appreciation Thread!

Hello, Everyone!

Got a brief moment here to check-in and just wanted to start an appreciation thread for @TheMadBeaker!

The Voice of Radio Valhalla, Beaker has kept me informed and entertained for over a year now. Everyday, the diligence he showed in joining VC was just another great aspect of what made Valhalla a community for me. There were many members that joined VC but our Beaker was the great constant.

Personally, I want to thank you, Beaker, for always informing me of what’s going on in the markets without having to constantly look at my screen. Beyond that, you were always warm, informative, welcoming and hilarious.

I wish you good health, my friend, and hope you are doing well. I’m glad you’re taking a much deserved break. Even if you come back to only post gay GIFS after hours, and don’t join VC, I await your return.

You’re the best, Beaker.


I’m Indian American, and I approve this message.


Love this guy! Given the choice of Cramer or Beaker in the morning, I always chose Beaker! Now I have to actually look up the ticker if I wanna know how Party City stock is doing…

Hope you’re well buddy!


I never spoke in voice chat because i’m new to trading and am learning the basics, so I don’t have anything insightful to say [yet!]. But I loved listening to Beaker’s hosting of the chat.

You could tell in his voice he’s a good guy. He made everybody feel welcome whenever anybody added anything to the discussion.

I hope all is well with him. I imagine it’s stressful to be known as the main VC guy, so hopefully he comes back when it feels right, and he uses the chat as he sees best. But I just wanted to echo my thanks with the rest of the guys, and send some love over to Beaker from the UK.

Take care Beak


Long time lurker here too but avid fan of Beaker’s dulcet tones keeping VC held down! We do in fact miss you and your analysis of Walter tweets on the regular. Thank you for putting good vibes and energy into the community and teaching us n00bs a thing or two about trading!


Great Idea! Beaker, you are missed man!! Hope you are doing well. My days are not the same without VC in the background…just shows how impactful you were and are. Hope to see you back sometime. If not, all the best to you!


You gave us a lot comfort in stressful situations, so let us know if we can give comfort to you.


We love you Beak!


Definitely with the crew saying you are missed Beak! I’m gonna wish upon star tonight and hope we get a Christmas Miracle, a beautiful Beaker under the Christmas Tree guiding us through the Blizzard Market. Love from Florida :heart:


Missing Beak too. Hopefully will have him back soon. :heart:


@TheMadBeaker a man of many things. You provide comfort to the community in good times and bad, provide a level of confidence while demonstrating your intention to learn, and above all assisted us all in forming a chamber we could rely on while daily life ran alongside our trading. I miss you my friend, and I know many including myself gained success and knowledge from your being here. Wishing you health and wealth, and know that we are all here for you! Be well sir! Cheers


Beaker ! Miss you buddy! Ive learned alot from you and have always respected your insights and your willingness to help and support anyone in this community. You are one of a kind my friend. Hope your doing alright, we are all here for you.


Dear Beaker,

You taught me that I can grow my own potatoes and to always reverse your position. Problem is you were mostly right and just early. i learned to go with your instinct and hold longer. Thank you and I hope you are enjoying the NWA life!


Hope you’re doing good bud! Been listening to Beaker in the morning for a good while now, and more recently enjoyed getting involved and chatting once I got the courage to speak a bit on VC! Hope you’re doing good I can understand wanting a break, the market can be stressfull even if you win it can often be an up and down journey to get there that some days is just not worth the stress! Take it easy and come back when you’re ready, If we don’t speak before then happy holidays to you and family :slight_smile:


Dearest Beaker: I’ve really missed you and VC. As odd as it sounds, you and the boys were such good company. You all kept me from feeling too lonely after my last son left for college. I always appreciated how kind and patience you were. I check VC everyday - just in case - and have resorted to listening to Live Trading on YT. You’re sorely missed and irreplaceable. Take care of your sweet self. I miss you!


Beaker, you still owe me child support. Hes your baby.


I haven’t been trading for a while either, was peeking in for a minute and saw this thread pop up on TF though, you know everyone knows you’re just the best, Beak! I always enjoyed listening to and talking in VC with you, and you’ve helped a lot of us in so many ways this past year, from kindly explaining something someone asked about, to calling out odd movements in charts super early, to bringing usually much needed humor and levity to plays, win or lose…since summer almost for me I’ve learned the importance of stepping back from the market when things in life pop up, take all the time you need my/our friend, it’s pretty refreshing actually.

Also, I hope you know either way, whether we’re trading at the moment or not, we’re here for you Beaker! Best wishes brother, and thank you for the many months of not only actually having the balls to talk in VC, but being so awesome and helpful…you’ve always been appreciated :pepepray: