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Starting a thread on $BFRI after @xianchen pointed it out earlier today.

[size=4]What is Biofrontera?[/size]

Biofrontera is a U.S.-based biopharmaceutical company commercializing a portfolio of pharmaceutical products focused on the fields of photodynamic therapy and topical antibiotics. In collaboration with healthcare providers, we are fully committed to advancing treatment options and patient care.

Biofrontera, Inc. was founded in March 2015 to commercialize the FDA-approved flagship drug Ameluz® (aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride) gel, 10%, in the United States. In 2019, Biofrontera Inc. expanded its U.S.-product portfolio with the FDA-approved drug Xepi® (ozenoxacin) cream, 1%. With both FDA-approved products, Biofrontera Inc. is ideally positioned for sustainable growth.

[size=4]Why are we talking about BFRI?[/size]
BFRI started moving on November 24 when Roth Capital initiated a PT of $20 on the stock. The stock closed at $7.90 (+2.68 (51.34%)) on November 26. The PT raise may have come after a digestation of this news?: Biofrontera Kicks Off US Clinical Study Program for Ameluz

There are no options but there are warrants (BFRIW).

The float is 3.5M
The market cap is 91.64M
Volume has skyrocketed

CTB avg is 312%

I couldn’t find short interest info.

BFRI is reporting Q3 earnings before market open on Tuesday, November 30, and will hold a conference call on that day at 4:30 pm EST after market close. This ER event could make or break a potential run.

I don’t have any positions. Anyone got more insight on this ticker?

Don’t like this price movement and volume, not gonna enter…


Saw a post on Reddit about BFRI concerning it’s SI.

Mimir couldn’t get the SI but both Yahoo Finance and Marketwatch have the SI at 85% or higher. Not sure what Barron’s is but the Reddit post included a picture of the SI being reported at 89% there.

Also unsure of when the Ortex data in the picture is from, which is why I tried to compare it to Mimir.

CTB allegedly sitting at over 300%, up from 183% Thursday into Friday.

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Apparently there were a lot of short exempts recently based off investorshub. (masterofdisaster loves short exempts)

I’m not sure entirely what this means, but here is a site I found that might provide more insight:

I also looked for recent offerings to help gauge the potential for an offering ruining the squeeze. Here is what I found:
Nov 29th $15 million Private Placement
October 28th IPO:

EDIT 12/19 8:56 Am:
Volume has been too high compared to short shares. May not be such a great idea after all.
EDIT 2 12/20: Well nevermind then…

Benchmark gave them a $11 PT

Shorts look exhausted per iBorrowDesk

47% SI per Fintel? 0.11 days to cover tho



Looks like a cup and handle, and the handle may have had something similar to an ascending triangle in it.

Personally, I saw this in squeeze plays and assumed it was purely a short squeeze play and missed out. There were a number of reasons for this thing to rocket.

Happy for those who weren’t retarded and made bank.
Sorry to those I may have misled.


There might be another spike depending on new SI figures that should come out Monday . Sentiment is definitely there and think it has room to run further. Chasing is too risky here if you don’t have a position already.


Averaged up here at 12.30, seems like a good dip at vwap

Bought the dip again at 11.80

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There’s an entirely rational school of thought that says this is dead because of the pumping that occurred today. It’s entirely reasonable to assume that stance, and even our fearless server founder says “this looks dead”. There’s another school of thought that says that further growth may be possible if sentiment remains strong on Monday after the holiday weekend.

I picked up a small position on the correction of what I believe could have been a wave 1. If sentiment remains on Monday we could run into a wave 3 after a very clean correction wave 2. If wave 3 takes hold, this thing could run pretty hard.

Unfortunately we probably won’t know if it’s a Double Top or a Cup and Handle until Monday.

I have a small position that I’m holding through the weekend mostly out of spite.


I’m undecided too. As short biased trader , BFRI looks to be the perfect opportunity to short at this price . Lots of room to go down but looking at the short interest of 80%+ , i’m wary of traders trying to squeeze this to sky high.(Especially famous pumpers from Twitter/Reddit)

This proposed offering? was posted after AH on friday.

I’m bearish not because of the company but more like pumpers are in it and will look to open a small short position at the right time.


Took profit as soon as it started to knife down, fully out now. Too risky in case another gap down happens

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Took a bit of a mental weekend so I haven’t been as active on the forums as I should’ve been.

BFRI is an example of why knowing whether or not it’s a pump matters. The SI on this was laughably low compared to the daily average volume (SI: 2,910,000 shares, average volume nearing 100,000,000 shares). It wasn’t ever a short squeeze candidate because the liquidity was far too high. If shorts were wanting to exit, they’d freely be able to do so within all the volume that was created by these movements without adding very much more upward momentum.

This morning you watched the buys funnel in from all the Redditors posting about entering positions today off caddude’s cheerleading efforts over the weekend. The second they ran out, however, there weren’t any buys left to sustain the price and it sold off, making them all immediate bag holders. At least caddude probably made it out though, right?