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Has anyone got shares/options in OYST or APRE


I’m only in HGEN so far.

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Yep! Playing with a little bit of money to learn, but I’m up about 6%. Will likely sell Thursday or Friday, they have a PDUFA date this weekend, and I’m still bitter about ARDX dying on me, so I mostly just ride the waves before a PDUFA then get out before the announcement.

OYST that is. Should’ve specified lol

Some info on Oyst

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Anyone looked at JSPR or ROIV before and had any views?

Hello all!
I don’t have too much to say at this exact moment, but I have a few tickers I am watching with a few other people over the next couple weeks to hopefully develop a more accurate system in calling good pharma approvals and plays. They are all gamble as always, and the market has not been doing anyone any favors(damn you SPY), I would encourage everyone to always be conservative in your positions when it comes to pharma plays, but hopefully, if things pan out I will have a few callouts soon. In the meantime, do your own DD, check and figure out what the thing that could make stuff pop off actually does/is.

3 rules of Pharma trading:

Conservative positions
Know what you are buying
Take Profits


There was some commentary on OYST yesterday on VC. Any thoughts on the stock?

I can’t really find much information anywhere on Oyst apart from what I posted earlier. I’ll keep looking,

on another note is anyone following AVDL I believe there FDA decision date is on friday?

Saw someone post on trading floor that AVDL call premiums going up while the stock is flat or down. Looks like people are expecting a move.

Anyone looking at OMER? PDUFA meeting on Monday

Would that be people expecting positive or negative news or just people hedging there bets?

Reply to Nezdog

I just saw a news clip saying they got FDA approval of an sNDA for Dextenza for optical itching back on October 11th. In the couple days since the stock has gone up ~25% (~$3).

The nasal spray for dry eye disease with a PDUFA date of October 17th maybe will do similar, assuming it gets approved?

The price has been increasing a little each day since the first FDA approval so it might not be as big of a jump, and I don’t know what else they have in the works for approval anytime soon.

It seems like a non positive result Sunday won’t affect the price much either then.
I’m in with a few shares and still undecided weather I should sell Friday or not

@Raiben what’re your thoughts on this doc’s extensive DD:

I don’t like it. The main reasons are:

potentially 75x a stock (and i’m being conservative) Even if true, this reeks of hopium or P&D to me when combined with the rest of the post.

Opening with I’m an MD and a Professor, and then not talking about the actual drug on trial much, it’s challenges etc, is a red flag.

A lot of conspiracy language, which could be true, but shows a huge bias and the tendancy to only look at one’s own side of the argument.

This post kinda just has no chill… And not in a good way.

There is just a lot, and while perhaps he might be right in the end, the post itself doesn’t inspire confidence or give me the idea that he is anyone but a bigtime bagholder trying to spike the stock so he can get out.

The drug itself seems potentially interesting, and may on it’s own be worth looking at, but when I buy into BioPharma I buy the product, not a conspiricy story, so not nearly enough there to convince me to put any money in it.


I also cruised through the authors other posts and comments, he is definitely not an MD, and shows little understanding of how medical trials are run. I don’t think the post’s author is a reliable narrator. Again, It may be that the ticker itself is a good buy at some point, but that would be something to decide based on the actual information of the trial, not from a conspiricy theory(that could be true).

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Yeah similar thoughts here - thanks for the input!

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