BODY - Possible Earnings Play? More research needed

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Getting a thread started for discussion on this. Earnings are Monday 11/15 After hours. Looking to find out if Puts or calls are in order.

It reached a low of Oct 25th of 4.75 and is there again now. The $5 call option for the 19th is pretty cheap currently.

Earnings will be reported after market close on the 15th (source)

Previous earnings since it de-spac (HERE)

Their reasoning for missing earnings last time (Source)

“However, the delay in closing our business combination resulted in us deferring $12 million of media investments and postponing the launch of the MYX bike within our coach ecosystem until the second half of the year,” she added. “Moving forward, we are well-positioned to execute on our strategic objectives with over $347 million of cash on our balance sheet, a decision to ramp up connected fitness unit projections, and increase media investment by an incremental $33 million in the second half of 2021 compared to previous forecasts.”



Released MYX bike

Released BODI (Live and on-demand classes)


I’m a BODY-bag holder so it excited me to see this thread.

One negative of this stock is they have a small component of their overall business that a lot of people consider MLM and cultish. You can see the negative sentiment in almost any reddit thread about BODY.

Another is that it’s considered a Covid stock as it’s lumped in as a PTON competitor. Although there is crossover, I think BODY generates revenue in multiple ways, some of this PTON does not.

For better or for worse this has been on WSB radar before.


Shaq was on the SPAC board for FRX and is also a shareholder. There are also Lebron connections through other companies.

They also merged and acquired Myx fitness during the SPAC merger. I think people forget it was a triple merger.

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