Bot Commands for Discord

Tradytics AI Stocks, Crypto, and Options Discord Bots for a detailed overview of commands.

    • tr-bigflow SYMBOL : Shows you the largest 10 options flow orders for today.
    • tr-flowsum SYMBOL : Shows you the summary statistics of options flow for the given ticker.
    • tr-unusualflow SYMBOL : Lists top 10 orders where volume is unusually higher than open interest.
    • tr-topflow : Shows the top 10 most bullish and bearish stocks based on options flow.
    • tr-algoflow SYMBOL NUM_HISTORICAL_DAYS(Optional) : Illustrates our proprietary algo flow score vs intraday stock price. NUM_HISTORICAL_DAYS is an optional parameter that lets you decide the number of historical days you want to look back to. Value should be less than 6. Default is 1 meaning only today’s data is shown.
    • tr-algoflowdivs : Shows you the top 10 recent algo flow divergences.
    • tr-flowheatmap SYMBOL d/w(Optional) : Creates a heatmap for top strikes and expirations with premium statistics. Second parameter is the whether you want to create the heatmap for today’s data only (d), or for the last 5 days (w). Default is d.
    • tr-oi SYMBOL EXPIRATION/ALL - Shows you open interest by strike and expiration.
    • tr-iv SYMBOL - Draws the implied volatility and IV rank of the last 90 days.
    • tr-dplevels SYMBOL : Shows you the darkpool levels from recent DP data.
    • tr-darkpool SYMBOL : Lists out the last several big darkpool trades.
    • tr-largestdp : Shows you the largest darkpool orders across all stocks.
    • tr-largestbt : Shows you the largest block trade orders across all stocks.
    • tr-all SYMBOL : Shows you a summary of our AI predictions for the stock.
    • tr-srlevels SYMBOL PERIOD(d/m/h/w) : Draws out support and resistance levels on the price chart.
    • tr-bigmovers : Shows you the current biggest moving stocks in the market.
    • tr-projections SYMBOL : Gives you a 30 day projection of the stock based on monte carlo simulations.
    • tr-insider SYMBOL : Lists out the latest insider trades for the stock.
    • tr-seasonality SYMBOL : Shows you the seasonality behavior of the stock.
    • tr-estimates SYMBOL : Gives you the future revenue estimates of the stock.
    • tr-news SYMBOL : Shows you the latest news for the ticker.
    • tr-analysts SYMBOL : Lists out the latest analyst upgrades and downgrades for the company.
    • tr-chatter SUBREDDIT/TWITTER : Shows you the most discussed stocks across various subreddits and twitter.
    • tr-scany SYMBOL : Shows daily scanner signals for the stock.
    • tr-crsrlevels SYMBOL PERIOD : Draws out the support and resistance levels for the given coin.
    • tr-cryptoscan SYMBOL : Lists the scanning signals for the ticker found by our scanners.
    • tr-palert symbol target-price above/below closeness-threshold-percentage : Sets a price alert for whenever the stock price crosses the target price, and DMs you when that happens. An example would be tr-palert AAPL 150.0 above 1% - this will alert the user when price goes above 148.5 (1% of 150 is 1.5). User can set the threshold to 0% to set the alert at the exact price.
    • tr-palertslist : Shows your active price alerts.
    • tr-delpalert alert-id : Deletes the price alert with the given ID.
    • tr-chart SYMBOL PERIOD VALUE (Optional) TYPE (Optional) MOVING-AVERAGES (Optional) : Shows you the price chart for the symbol. Period is any value in d, h, m, w where the letters denote days, hours, minutes, weeks. Value is the multiplier for period i.e 1 day, 15 minutes. Type is the candlestick type and its value can be candle, ohlc, line, or renko. Moving averages is a command separated string i.e 9,20 that adds them on the chart. For instance, if we want to see 1 hour MSFT chart with 9,20 moving averages and candlesticks, we can type tr-chart MSFT h 1 candle 9,20

!marketstats - shows most popular stocks, losers, gainers, and actives in one command now! This will post daily in market-alerts every 2 hours and once per day at 9:30 in trading-floor
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Shows top 10 gainers - !gainers -

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