Brazil's Bollsanaro is Out

Temporary holding ground for discussion.

Bollsanaro has lost the election to Lula. We know that he is adored by his country’s military arm and has no intentions of ceding the presidency without some kind of January 6th style shenanigans.

Uncertainty from this election could cause some commotion in Brazil focused stocks. We should discuss which may be worth watching over the coming days for short positions.


One of the craziest stocks I have touched is MELI
Which I believe is like a SHOP AMZN or BABA for Latin America

Also they have ER after FOMC on Thursday

I may grab a DeGenerate OTM position (single) on Wednesday as the options are super expensive and wild. However it regularly moves without this impact to Brazil or ER. Don’t suggest you play unless you know it or expect to lose. Cheers


Theres a brazillian ETF (EWZ) and a small cap brazillian ETF (EWZS). They seem fairly correlated to SPX though.

VALE is a SA stock, I know there was a few people that played it a while ago but I know nothing about it.


Thanks for starting this thread! PBR should be a beneficiary of these election results. Have updated the thread with details.

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