Brutus' Trading Journal

Here is the opening balance. It’s a Roth IRA and I’m using Webull. More to come.


Great to have your big brain in these journals! Just a heads up I’m going to move this post to the trading journals section though just for organization purposes!


Starting out slow with just a few trades, wasn’t great, but eventually made it positive after averaging down. After watching the TA video in the education section, I thought I was invincible. Made my first trade, a put, with total confidence after seeing a “clear downtrend” revert to the neck or new support. Within seconds SPY made an impressive run in the exact opposite direction. Still not sure how I misread it, double top then dropped below previous low, up slightly but Topped out at the new resistance. Glad to be positive after that. Hoping for better luck (or better ta) tomorrow.


Didn’t trade in my journal account today as I’m struggling to quickly trade like I do in Fidelity. . . and I’m finding I’m much more tentative because I know the moves are visible to others. I took some risks yesterday and today in my main account to try and perfect my strategy before trying in my journal account. Thankfully they paid off and it was a green day. I’m a firm believer in Murphys Law though so as soon as I trade similarly in the journal account, I’ll surely lose $$$. Here’s the screen shot.

Little more active today, positive for the day, little over 3%. Happy with compounding small gains. Holding CCL 01/23 calls, otherwise cash.

Added another 3% today, slow and steady

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Great day today, decided to hold SPY puts over the weekend and was rewarded. With the hot CPI reading, I expected it to drop further on Friday. Also, I felt the FOMC meeting this week will lead to further declines. I’m expecting to hear 75bp hikes.

Today’s performance: $4,409 gain or 77%

Total performance:
Beginning balance = $5,284.20
Today’s balance = $10,092.56
Total ROI = 90%

***Note - I was getting sub 2% gains to begin with, just got lucky with SPY tanking Friday and Today. I don’t expect to get these level of returns often. I’m happy playing it safe around 4-6%. Now I’m going to attempt to NOT lose the gains.

Posting this now in hopes it will motivate me to STOP trading today.


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Couldn’t bring myself to trade in this account the last few days, not much confidence, except in Murphy’s law and since I had a great day Monday, I’m doomed for a bad one. Been trading in my regular account with riskier moves and I’ve been lucky. Here is my screen shot of my bored Webull account.

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