Buy-Ask Spread vs Greeks - Relative Importance?

Really quick question: what’s more important: buying a closer-to-ITM option with a larger delta or a bit further out option with a smaller bid-ask spread? I feel like closer-to-ITM options should have a tighter spread in general, but I’m looking at BEEM calls (to take a small entry position) and the May 20, 2023 $30c’s have a smaller spread than $22.5 for some reason.

Amount of spread probably has more to do with OI, Volume than strike.

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Oh yes, sorry if I phrased that poorly. I get that they have different driving forces, but I’m wondering what I should give more attention to when deciding which strike to buy. The $22.5c’s will have a better delta but the spread is wider so I don’t want to either get a bad fill (if my limit is too high) or not get fills (if my limit is too low) so I’m inching towards buying a further-OTM $30c because of its tighter spread.