Buying the dip in tech versus other sectors

All-time gains XTL 51%, XLRE 27.35%, XLV 459.26%, XLP 169.88%, XLU 99.24%, XLK 535.79%, XLRE 27.35%, xlb 286.16%, XLI 387.29%. A recent discussion of where the money comes from to fuel tech rallies came up. From my point of view, other sectors rise from various catalysts like war, covid, energy/material needs, etc but they don’t maintain their gains like the tech sector does. When a tech company has good news it can run for days where other sectors are normally restrained to a solid earnings overnight pump then next day flat or retrace back a bit. Overnight pump in any of those low movement sectors just provides shopping money for when any of the favorites go on sale. Scalping any catalyst is viable but I think it’s important to remember which stocks are the golden child or favorites in times of a pullback to take advantage of their recovery. An example being $appl hoopla from a few weeks ago is currently retracing back into the 195 range it was being held in. Motivation for this post comes from sejit and house providing one of his lists Discord