BVN unusual options activity

Randomly saw someone post about this today where someone apparently opened 100k $8 Calls and sold 50k $7 Puts on this stock:

Wondering if anyone else saw this or has thoughts on it if any. Didn’t see any news on it and virtually no chatter on stocktwits or Twitter around it

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Here’s all of the options still open as of this morning. I entered a small position of only 10 contracts to see what happens. Realistically what I expect to happen is nothing but there is a decent chance that Fintwit grabs and runs with this and I can exit for a profit.

Just saw that the vast majority of options volume today has been in the $7P position that was opened yesterday with 35K volume on 51K Open Interest. Not sure if that activity would cause the price to rise at this point but making note of it

lot of down volume coming in

OI for this position is now 74k while the 8C is now 102K.

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Calls moved to 103k OI no change to put interest. However there was a 280k share order during premarket at 7.08 which is interesting.

no real volume on the options today as the stock rose 2.29%. AH someone sold 228k shares at 7.38 which is noteable

Not much has happened the past few days as the stock has moved up but AH today 3 separate buys of over 200k shares with one being almost 500k shares.