BWV - Low Float IPO Coming Today at $9

Blue Water Vaccine will do their IPO today, unsure what time. However, they plan to release 2.2M shares at an offering price of $9. This is an extremely low float and could be a possible quick scalp for the day. The previously private company has a valid pipeline as shown on their website, so I would expect some decent buying from genuine investors.

Here is an article summary if the IPO: Blue Water Vaccines Announces Pricing of approximate $20M

I’m expecting a typical low float IPO pop either today or early next week. Can it also go down? Yes. Which is why I will be taking profits and leaving some amount to run (if it even does). There is currently no activity on this stock by retail, but I will categorize this as a pump because of the nature of the speculated price movement.


Update: so the stock IPOed @10:00am and immediately opened at $50 from it’s IPO price of $9. That was unfortunate as it didn’t allow time for any entries unless they were done pre-IPO, which most of retail cannot access without affiliation. I’m still watching this and opened a moderate position under 1% of my portfolio with some buying power in hand. I’m not expecting any sharp declines soon assuming the 2.2M float still stands. Hopefully there are no surprise dilutions.

I might hold it over the weekend through possibly until IPO completes Feb. 23, but won’t hesitate to take any profits.

Hate it’s getting halted every minute, but it’s VOLATILE so that’s justified.

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This play is extremely risky in nature, with that being said, I feel my position should be shared. I will either make some minor gains or I will learn and that’s fine.

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End of the day update:

Holding one more trading day. I’m not worried about dilution as IPO doesn’t close until Feb. 23.


Transparency update of my position:

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Closed my position with 70% gains. I will start a blog soon where I hope to study some IPO plays. Hopefully those following along can make some profits.

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