CEEK and Ye shall find




  1. Facebook meta announcing meta verse
  2. Meta verse needs blockchain VR game
  3. This lady is CEEK CEO and sit on oculus board, oculus is owned by facebook.
  4. it s already going up but on low volume so it looks like this has been spotted but not by the masses yet.

Oh not even speculation now just saw that lol

looks like there’s been some pretty substantial price action however it was very bottomed out at the low



I don’t think closer to $1 is unreasonable But as per usual it crypto so you never know


Any idea what the easiest exchange to use that supports this?

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I know its on Bancor which is a solid dex not sure it’s got any cex listing yet.

I got some on Pancakeswap, it was extremely easy to do

This aged like wine gentlemen

Aged very well. Took my profit today - thanks again for the heads-up

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