$CFVI possible Trump + Publicity pump

Look at this Article I think it shows 2 possible
reasons $CFVI might pump this week,
$CFVI received two pieces of great news recently.

First, on August 11 the SEC declared their S-4 effective that allows the two parties to finally move forward with their merger. Shareholdermeetings are now set for September 15.

Second, a federal judge on July 27 rejected Google’s/Alphabet’s motion to dismiss the $2 billion lawsuit Rumble filed against Google last year.

With it picking up more traction i think this will be another pump soon, Loaded a bunch of shares already up %2 but i expect it to shoot up at one point, also read that their should be a webcast this week but I can seem to find it. Keeping this thread because all of the other ones are closed.


Noticed a discussion on the SPAC subreddit and saw people discussing how maybe this Andrew tate news could cause a pump like how trump did to DWAC (probably on a much smaller scale this time around) Might be good position to take if it for a scalp if it doesn’t ramp up too much in pre market

With CFVI aka Rumble despacing next week I think the hype has just begun. Plenty of momentum based catalysts as happening like Stevewilldoit announcing him joining rumble and many other influencers join(Andrew Tate is pushing it to all his followers). I think the hype is gonna ramp up quickly this week. I wouldn’t be surprised if it even hit $20-25 next week given this is probably the most hyped Spac in months.


New news that might make it go parabolic
Andrew Tate basically told his fans he’s bought a bunch of Rumble shares. Might see a insane pump and dump by him very soon.

Bruh option are loaded man. I dont know if it still has legs to run

What do you mean by legs to run? Couldn’t this weeks options potentially make a Gamma squeeze with so many being in the money?

Merger vote tomorrow with Ticker change potentially as early as Friday according to the CEO. Might see a rally on Friday if the ticker changes or we might see a rally on Friday due to the ticker change on Monday. Seeing all the increase in social media mentions I’m expecting to see crazy Fomo if it jumps up fast.

A video from the CEO discussing what I said above

Merger is approuved and the stock is down 10%

Nvm is bouncing back

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