CFVI - SPAC Acquisition with Rumble

Ticker: CFVI


Description of why you are requesting DD: Adding this for D-to-F Ratio who can’t access forum at the moment, “ CFVI, SPAC play is one to watch today. I for some reason can’t log in to the forum to post a DD. Buts it’s an acquisition play with Rumble.

Please add any thoughts below.

Applicable links to news articles or Reddit analysis:


All the Trump related stocks have seemed to have a solid pump (DWAC etc), picked up 100 shares at $11.4 earlier, AH closed at $13.34, will be interesting to see what Monday brings…

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These two news items could cause CFVI and Trump associated stocks to pump this morning.

I think CFVI merger with Rumble is squedual for the begining of Q3. Got 6 contract at 13c for $0.05. Expiration August 19th. Just loto tho. Stock been barcoding at NAV for a good time now.

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