Challenge Q&A/Discussion

I’ve archived the old thread. Now that I’m going to be getting ready to make another push, I wanted to take a second to answer questions/comments/concerns about the challenge account. This includes changes you’d like to see or gripes with my trading :pepepray: Let’s hear it.


!positions to show free cash would be nice! Or a marker that indicates what % of the account is in each position? I think this delivers a sense of conviction in a position taken. Thanks Conq :slight_smile:


These are good changes that I’ll add.


I’m following along with a small account so I can’t take every single trade. It would be helpful if you could call out which ones will be the most profitable the fastest. I’ll take your response off the air. Thanks.

Serious Request
It would be great to see the percent of account in each position. (what Kevin asked for)
It would be great to have some sense of your expected hold time to know if this is a scalp or something you want to hold longer bc of the thesis.


Would you also be available to be in VC while trading? Maybe voicing your current ideas and what you’re thinking of trading, etc.

Your YouTube livestream delivers a sense of this, but I think many people (including myself) are not able to have that screen up and at least might be able at times to have a headphone into VC Beaker Radio so that’d help a lot.

Also would mitigate some of the :pepebigeyes: reactions when a position is taken out of left field hahaha


Lmao. The command will be implemented, however as for the “hold time”, the answer is basically always “I don’t know”. Almost every play I take with the exception of the SPY scalps I tried (succeeded at :pepeseduction:) earlier is a “longer than today” hold, however, if I catch a run or something I’m going to shave off some profit or even reposition all together.

So my advice would be that everyone should make sure they’re in a cash account so that you can readily sell if you’re following my trades.


It would be nice to understand your decision making process or expectation for each trade, I think i’ll understand it better if you could kindly provide some insight on why you chose this and why you think it’s gonna go up/down etc. Sometimes I look at the ticker you just bought and wonder why you bought at this price or why you chose this expiration. Thanks.

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Pretty sure there’s been a forum post for everything he’s bought, other than spy plays.

What if I like the :pepebigeyes:? :kekw:

VC and I have a strained relationship that I’m currently trying to work on. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard that I should be in VC more and it’s probably not the last time that I’ll say I’ll do so and probably not do it. :kekw:

But with that said, I’m going to try to be in VC a bit more than I am at the moment.


Trading is about decision making, Conq is like one of the best trader I’ve ever seen, I want to learn from him by understanding what hes looking at, an experienced trader like him can definitely spot something I can’t.


Could you elaborate on what you mean when you say you have a strained relationship with VC? If it means that being on VC would hinder your trading ability, personally I think it is fine to not be in VC until you are comfortable, like after market closes. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to explain why you are in a trade but if being in VC during trading hours costs you to not trade as well, I think the explanations can wait.

Minor question, but what do you mean by making the next push? Will this be any different than what you’ve already been doing?

I’d like to see more of the text callouts on your charts that you used to do. It’s nice to quickly catch up on what you’re looking for.

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Conq, I understand the stream is probably a testicle-ache doing it everyday but I found it super useful watching you execute based on Price action, momentum etc… I was learning quite a bit. Is it possible to dip in and out of streaming on one particular day when you think one of the plays may have important entries / exits? Also, like some people have suggested, talk through a little of the plays using the stream to visualise them.

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Yeah this is something that I’ve been struggling to find the best vehicle for. The “thought processes” will be getting more visibility in this second push. I’m just not sure in what form that will be.

Honestly, I’m just easily distracted. When I’m in VC and there’s chatter, I find it hard to concentrate and this has been an issue since before IRNT for me. It’s why when I first started the challenge I wanted to loop in audio from another channel so people could just mute and unmute the “radio”. It’d allow me to kinda sit in silence and stare at charts but also allow me to give feedback on what I’m seeing. However, it’s not ideal as some people pointed out because it can get confusing to manage the audio.

Ideally I’d like to get over my autism and be able to take part in VC throughout the trading day but in case that doesn’t happen, I think being around more for post market and periods intraday is something I can definitely swing.

I’ll be covering some of this in my “retrospective” of my challenge account but basically I’m going to be active trading a bit more than I have been and I’m working on getting back closer to my real trading style instead of the ruleset I’d adopted to try to cover all the scenarios that people following my plays might encounter (for instance holding longer than I would have so potential gains aren’t missed, etc.)

Yeah this was a crowd favorite, I’m planning on bringing these back to some extent.

The stream is a pain in the ass for sure between the lower resolution and input lag, however, its definitely not going away. I’m currently trading on my main setup to “get into my groove again”, but I will be adding some streamed trading back in here soon.


On small caps that have low volume options, if you sell your options ( or a portion) people immediately start slapping the bid.

The ask on THCA went from 2.45 to 2.15 in a matter of a minute, without the stock moving.
These option prices don’t really recover in a short time span.

Might be a problem on these kind of stocks.


On plays like BEEM or THCA, how do you decide when to take profit vs. letting it ride? Or do you scale out enough profit to feel comfortable letting some ride?

I know you’ve talked about making the challenge more aligned with how your normally trade, so curious to see your thoughts on plays like those.


I know this is nitpicky, but on the #challenge-alerts it will often say something like “Quantity: 1.0”

Is there a way to remove the decimal and just have it say like “Quantity: 1” (like is shown for positions) ??? Sometimes when I glance my brain thinks you bought/sold 10.


I’ve unfortunately had to be away from the channel for the past several months, but would like to participate in the challenge. Is it an “invite only” or does one simply need to ask? Thank you for all that you do.

VC is nice for those people who can take advantage of it and interactively ask you questions, but not everyone can, of course. What might be more interesting would be a post-trading-day analysis of a particularly insightful trade or setup that played out.

Some youtubers do this - where they have a ‘trade of the day’ (can link you an example if you like) that talks through their thought process, how they executed the trade, what they could have done better, etc. I would like to echo that, for someone who was either watching the stream later, or dropped in and out based on available time to watch, having the text notes on the screen was helpful.

A question about how you are entering your trades - it looks like you are using the price ladder in Active Trader, from what I can tell. For those of us that don’t use AT, does the price ladder work something like volume profile, or is there an easy way to use it to sell on green candle movements/buy on red as per how you typically tend to buy and sell?