Challenge Streaming Solutions Brainstorm

OK, so we need to final things to get the challenge streams working properly imho.

  1. Video Streaming Platform - Discord currently periodically disconnects my stream while I’m using it, I have no clue why. Its also not good for broadcasting larger images. So we need something that preferably works better, but something that probably also allows for discord authentication, or something that can be hooked up to the forum. In the meantime, I’ve applied for a YouTube live streaming account that we’ll probably use.
  2. Audio Loopback Bot - GitHub - BinkanSalaryman/Discord-Audio-Stream-Bot: A simple discord audio streaming bot. - Discord currently doesn’t have a good solution for this sorta thing, however, there is this bot if someone who is a little more adept at Java apps can figure out how to get it running, or if someone can suggest a better solution. The point is to separate a VC channel out for me to be in and call things out verbally that doesn’t require me to be in the main VC chat. The challenge is going to be a little more task focused than normal VC and I don’t want to disrupt that environment by completely changing format. So the current goal is with that bot, it’ll feed the audio from whatever channel I’m in with select others into the main channel via a bot that can be muted/unmuted by those that don’t want to hear that added stream. I suppose an alternative to this would be some sort of podcasting solution, but this is all out of my realm of expertise.

Any help and guidance is appreciated, I don’t want this setup to detract too much from the challenge itself.

  1. I don’t necessarily love the idea, but I know Discord has integration with You can set your stream to private to help keeping it anonymous. You could also further separate it by calling it something like FlyingSquirrel73845973980 or some other mumbo jumbo if you want to try to avoid people finding “Valhalla” or “StonkGodCapital”

  2. I have a friend that is a Java wizard and sent him the github to see if he can take a look. I also have a close friend that is an audio engineer. He’s in a different time zone but I’ll report back once I talk to him.


I know it would probably not integrate with Discord but maybe Zoom with password would be a solution?

It would be hard to authenticate people, but it would at least give the ability to kick any uninvited people out (or not allow them to join) if needed, which I don’t think would be a feature on YouTube.


Spending time this AM getting this sorted out.