Change to creating threads about and mentioning tickers

I’m actively looking to improve the usability of the forum in preparation for some changes on the horizon. One of the things I wanted to help streamline is looking up content related to specific tickers.

Tags are something that we underutilize and that I’m going to be working to implement more. To get started, I’ve added all 5000ish tickers in the stock market to the Ticker tag group.

What this does is give us a better way of searching topics related to a specific ticker (by using tag:ticker in search or just #ticker) or by using the following format to mention tickers we’re talking about such as #utaa.

Using this format allows members to simply click the “ticker” and be lead to a listing of topics referencing it. So with that covered, there are some new rules:

  1. When referencing a ticker on the forum, use the form #gme, #amc, #utaa, and so on and so forth. I understand the lowercase is somewhat unnatural and we’ll address that in the future but for now it’s not really a main priority.
  2. When creating a topic in #analysis-due-diligence its now required to have at least one tag which means the ticker that is being discussed. However, this also means that you should tag every ticker that is discussed in your topic. For instance in the OnlyFans speculation topic, both #vygg and #utaa are talked about and thus both are tagged.

If you have open and active topics, please go back to edit them to include the tags and if you’re making callouts in the Community Callouts thread, please be sure to start using the tags for tickers you’re referencing.