Changes to "server-wide" play rules & discontinuation of public signals

The following are the changes that we established between ESSC #1 and #2. The crossed out rules are no longer in effect and can be disregarded:

Server-wide play rule changes

  1. Members are forbidden from discussing their personal positions. This includes discussion about percentage gains, personal entries and especially personal exits.
  2. Members are allowed and encouraged to aid others in finding safe entry points.
  3. Absolutely no sell signals aside from a server wide notification from me personally when a movement has run it’s course. I personally reserve the right to call an emergency sell should the play setup change substantially.
  4. Discussion of “rolling options” and scalping is forbidden in high sentiment plays.
  5. Profit taking reminders will be replaced with reminders and help in covering cost basis .

Reading through this setup, it’s easy to think that it looks as though it basically says “you can only convince people to get in and diamond hand and don’t criticize the play”, but this is not the case and to highlight that I offer some clarifications:

  1. Members are permitted to criticize the viability of the play at all times but should do so as a whole avoiding giving commentary on intraday movements but rather things that could affect the setup.
  2. Helping members find safe entries also means preventing members from FOMOing. Discouraging entries is permitted . We’re not looking to simply funnel members into plays, the overall goal is to help the community take as good a position as possible and to help them hold that position to maximize profit and provide the most amount of padding between their cost basis and current value as possible .
  3. Not giving defined sell signals or scalping callouts reduces the risk that a large portion of the community will look to close a portion of their positions at the same time. This is good for holders and sellers as our sell volume will be naturally spread out. If a number of members are selling portions of their position at the same time, they’re all reducing the value of the positions that they’re trying to sell and making less money overall as a result. Similarly, if the sell offs are not sufficiently spread out, they may unintentionally end up not leaving enough room for recovery, changing the trajectory of a play and locking those holding into their positions.

I will work on fully updating our “main rules” page this week so there is no confusion.

Discontinuation of public signals

In addition to these changes, we’re discontinuing our “public signals” coverage on Twitter. This also means that no internal DD is to be shared externally from here on out. This is of course unless you are the creator of the DD, which in that event you are free to share it.