Charlie's trading journal

Going to start this to try and keep up with the mistakes I have been making and not loose as much as I have been. Hopefully this is the right place to be doing it. I’m not very computer literate. I keep making two big mistakes one being I keep “swinging for the fences” and I continue to over leverage myself which makes my loses even greater than what they should be. I think that they are both the same problem just in different forms. Anyway that being said here we go.

I have two accounts one with robin hood and one with Webull. The RH account is my main account because I feel it is easier to use only phone than what Webull is.

my RH account has been flagged for day trading until June so that will be hard to overcome if I make a bad decision on getting out of that. Hopefully it will slow me down from jumping in to far like I have been doing.
as of today my postions in RH are as follows:

Balance: $937.89

SNDL $1 call 17 buys with a 4/1exp
GME $240 call 1 buy with a 4/1 exp
ACB $4.5 call 10 buys with 4/1 exp
ET $10.5 call 4 buys with 4/1 exp
AMC $21.5 call 1 buy with 4/1 exp
SCO $5 call 1 buy 4/14 exp

Sndl and ACB are more than I should have taken but with a hearing coming Monday and a possible vote next week I feel like its a good play. ET is something I have been playing for a couple weeks so hopefully it pays out again on Monday. I don’t pay big amounts but profit is profit. Everything else is from Conqueror challenge account. I try to follow a lot of his plays but based on my account and the amount of risk I feel comfterble taking.

The Webull account has only $30 in it and level 1 option so I just buy shares on there for now. Currently holing 1 Amc and less than 1 GME. The plan is to only buy and sale shares until the account is built up some then switch it to a level 2 options but basically just playing around for now and getting used to the way the app works.

I have learned so much from being in this discord its unreal, especially since getting sucked in with reddit and a lot of YouTube videos that never made money because I feel it was horrible advise. Hopefully one day I will have the knowledge and courage to call out things I see and be a productive member of this community.

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Have you contacted RH to waive your PDT restriction already? In case you were not aware, they will give you one exception and reset your day trades.

well just realized I really am super computer illertate and not sure how I deleted the last comment lol. any way here we go for Monday 3/28

ended the day at 107.99% gain mostly on GME and AMC by following conquerer call outs from the challenge account.

sold my 4 ET for $52
sold my 1 SCO for $96
sold out of ACB for a loss (thinking there still might be play here when they actually vote for legalization)
sold out of my GME for $450

overall a great day could have held the GME longer but was seeing that big of a profit had to take it
going into tomorrow my positions are as follows

SNDL $1 call 4/1 exp 17 buys
AMC $40 call 4/1 exp 1 buy
AMC $40 call 4/8 exp 3 buys
GME $510 call 4/14 exp 2 buys

Still feel like there is money to be made on ACB just needs to be the actual day of the vote so might renter at that point and some CCL leaps when the meme run is over as for now I am very happy with today overall even though they was not my plays


rough day yesterday/today
account balance -50% over last two days
took a loss on my AMC 4/1 calls and
SNDL calls
Sold my ACB for a $1 profit so that was nice!
Holding 2 GME $510 and a $500 call might look for a pop tomorrow to try and get out without a big lose can’t afford to hold it much longer with my account where it is at this point in time.

Need to remind myself to focus on what I am doing and not go for home runs. Hoping something good happens with GME would really bring the trading thing full circle and give some padding to the account but trying to stay realistic and watch how much I am loosing. Need to try and remember to post every day so I can look back at the mistakes that I made mostly learning curve stuff I feel with when to buy in and sizing.


another rough day with not much good in site until after hours

account balance is down another 49%today
the plan was/is to ride the GME into the ground tomorrow then take a week to clear my head and get back to making money. I felt like I was going to zero out and have to invest the other half I was willing to try this with. Then GME went dumb after hours so I might be ok and not have to do that with just yet. This money has never been missed or seen by me yet and I only wanted to play about half of what I have set back to make sure this is not another wsb type group. RSX and OZON hurt the account and GME was bleeding it dry slowly. This should give more lift to staying afloat overall. I really have found a group that has knowledge and helps me to learn. ok so to the meat and bones of what I did today.

sold: 1 GME 500c for .49 MAJOR LOSS
4 GME 510c at .43 MAJOR LOSS

Bought: HYMC $2 put
GME $500c 3 buys at .49. The idea was to average down on the mistake of getting this call today to exit tomorrow on a run so the loss went so bad.
HMHC $25c

Still trying to build up confidence again on my own plays and mostly following the challenge account as much as I can with my risk/reward tolerance. still need to look into CCL leaps thinking the oil reserves announcement today might help to keep cost down and post covid people will want to travel but need to do more do diligence on it before buying in. As always need to watch my postions and averages to not loose money the way I have been.
I just need to remember that I have small goals to reach before I actually start trying this as a second job. Also remember to ask questions when I don’t understand everyone seems helpful!

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Yay made a profit on Friday
Account balance is up 7% today

HYMC for a $5 loss
Sold GME $510 calls for a small loss after averaging down held on to one like I have been doing more on that in a minute

HMHC $25c and $20c
GME $500c 2 buys
VYGG $10c
SNDL $1c 5 buys
SPY $463c 2 buys

Not sure why I keep bouncing money between the $510 and $500 calls on GME other than average down on each of them a little each day. Might be dumb to do that but it seems to make sense to do it that way and I’m not sure why. Took the SPY calls because they was cheap cheap and if it runs up much before Thursday then I should make a good profit from that. Going to cut SNDL Monday at open thought it was going to run with the vote today but it didn’t really. The wife is in for the next week or two so probably won’t be doing much while she is here sense she keeps me busy with the ten thousand things she wants done. This may be a great thing that will keep me from doing stupid things all day.

Well finally blowed up the Robinhood account by day trading one too many while on the 90 day probation for gfv. Wasn’t going to bag hold over night and took my profits on Tuesday then quickly traded a few others for some quick profit before they suspended my account for 90 days. I knew that was going to happen so I tried to make a quick few bucks before end of day. Sold out of the remaining options I had Wednesday and let the money settle before having it transferred. Waiting on Webull to grant level 2 before transferring money into there. Have a old Fidelity and TD account I have been updating all day with bank account info in the event Webull takes to long or Doesn’t come thru. Still have 1 gme call And sndl call in Robinhood. Don’t expect them to do anything but die useless. Hopefully by Monday I will be able to trade again. Still only going to use the balance I had left over before funding my remaining balance I had set aside to use.

Still waiting on the deposit to clear fidelity and actually do some trading. If only Webull had approved level two sooner I might actually already be trading but it is what it is. Had a little under $3 left on Webull so decided to see what I could do with that. Took a HOOD $7 put for 29th of April. Cost was $2. Hopefully I can actually play sometime this week.

Deposit finally went thru. Yay me.

Starting balance $300

Took a L on ATER and TWTR this week was not how I wanted to start this account out but didn’t do any real dd.

Been buying HOOD puts one day and sale the next for small profits each day. Currently holding 2 HOOD April 29 $10 puts. Should be out of these tomorrow by eod.
1 CCL April 29 $20 call. Didn’t think this would fill but it did and here it is. Not terrible cost basis but I hope I can get out of this at least close to even.

Still getting used to fidelity so far not that bad. I do like having to wait until day after sale to have buying power from those funds. Makes me really stop and think about what I’m buying and cost. Never really thought about it before. Hopefully it helps to keep spending in check.

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Out of my Robinhood puts today that I ended up having to hold over the weekend, Ended up loosing $1 overall but I kinda figured it would be worse from holding over the weekend so I’ll take that. Had 1 Ford put that was also held over the weekend for a 28.63 profit. Sold the carnival call for a $46 lose. If the account has more cushion I would have held longer but it is what it is. Currently holding no position as it was a busy day on the farm. Will be looking into Ford calls for earnings run up tomorrow. Account hasn’t been going the way I like but its it’s trying to go in the correct direction so overall happy.

Balanced now sits at: $210.72

1 HOOD $9 put fd
1 GM $36 put fd
3 F $12.5 put fd

Wasn’t going to buy into anymore hood but it’s staying in the trend so I’ll try it one more time. GM and F are just really gamble plays not seeing any good news for the car market at all.

Balance today: $226.70. +7%