CHD and contraception stocks(serious)

Ticker: CHD
Description of why you are requesting DD: I’m actually not sure if really anything is going to change, but given the new ruling, people I would assume will need to change their hygienic habits/ be more careful. Looks like CHD has already been running for a while. Could it and other stocks like it see a run up like we saw with LMT before the russian invasion?

Edit: CHD owns Trojan


I know you said serious but I’m dying at this


Market wise I think after the shock and awe is over, this is more a purely political issue. I don’t want to discuss that here. After some research today upwards of 60% of these events are handled chemically by pills. Until the states who choose a certain aspect admend laws around those types of medications - which is currently pretty unclear.

This article below which is pretty dated has a few options for those what want to watch for movement. It is my assumption, that more direct actions will be taken with products by say Pfizer than Trojan for those individuals most concerned, it is worth taking into account the news has been out there for a while and those actions might of already been taken.

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yeah all of these even CHD after looking at their other products seem a little too broad to be noticeably moved by this.

In for some CHD shares over the weekend though since I missed the call window.

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I don’t think there’s any good public company plays for roe being overturned. Birth control / condom makers have way too many product lines for those specific ones to make a dent.

I can think of a few enterprising ways for companies to take advantage of the situation, but those would either be a company deciding to pick up that business, or a new company forming to do it since this is all brand new. Not to mention that most public companies don’t want to add on a risky and controversial new business.