Chess club tournament, Friday March 24th

Greetings incels.

This Friday we’ll be hosting our first ever Chess Club Official tournament. Everyone is welcome to participate.

A few guidelines:

  1. If you’re going to participate, take it seriously. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time.
  2. It’ll be double round robin, so everyone has a chance to advance after losing their series.
  3. Please create a account and play some games on the 10 minute timer to know your rank. Comment that rank below. When we make brackets, we’ll try to even it out as much as possible so it’s mixed.
  4. Most games will be streamed in VC, so it’s ideal you can be there.

We’ll be closing off participants by Tuesday evening 10pm Pacific. Brackets will be announced Wednesday. Games will begin 9pm CST.

If you enter but have to back out, it’s important you let us know immediately so we can make adjustments.

There will be a ‘prize’ for the winner and a ‘punishment’ for the loser, to be announced.


ELO is yongsooyuk

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DickEaton, 1175 rating in 10 minute currently

MillyYo like 100 elo rating. I think that’s the absolute bottom of the ranks. Excited! Looking forward to an underdog Cinderella story


Current elo like 250

Squid77 800 elo

Is there going to be some betting brackets?

Alexchess171 elo around 982 but im boosted af cuz my friends dont know how to play chess

I’m in, Jibble93

how do I find my rank?

its the number next to your name

example: squishy27 450 <---- your rank

Im in - I’m 1282 right now for 10 min

I’m in - 1200, but I don’t know how accurate that is.

And chess name is Pawn_0f_The_Dead

Im in as well

NotStruggling 589

I beat No Bags in heat 1 of the tournament.

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:pepepray: :pepepray: :pepepray:

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AvatarMomo1 score 661. Id like to get in on this. Is the tournament going to be on the 10 min timer?

I’m in

machommcan 1249

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Y’all lucky u ain’t gotta play me.