China Covid Real Estate Meltdown

A bit of recent news about the potential breakdown in China

Bringing over from the trade floor discussion.

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Snippet of News Article - “Ya it this happens could crush them - China’s hyper leveraged property market by some conservative estimates,” he explained. “China’s property sector makes up 30% of Chinese GDP, so even small deviations in that market can have outsized impact on China’s broader global domestic product and its broader growth.”

Homebuyers across China have threatened to stop making mortgage payments, blaming “stalled” building work, which has added a serious wrinkle against any recovery Beijing has recorded."

It seems like China’s real estate is always in a state of meltdown according to the news. China always just makes some little policy adjustments to keep the real estate market in check, never letting it collapse and never letting it run too hot…

I thought we learned this lesson after Evergrande and all the other developers that were under imminent default?

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I just watched this and while I agree with @TheMadBeaker I also think this bank run possibility with the protests causes this situation to take a very scary turn… we need the special class to assemble for this one possibly. May make Russia/Ukraine market opportunities look small in comparison


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