Chinese ETFs - Because We Didn't Learn Our Lesson The First Time

Might be a bit late here, but getting a thread started to discuss a potential put play on Chinese ETFs (I know, I know).

@The_Ni, @JellyPowered, and I were discussing it this morning, seems like there may be an opportunity here with new Covid lockdowns, etc.


Just got filled on a 4/18 26P for FXI after going back through and reading what @nano @The_Ni and @JellyPowered discussed in premarket, thanks guys.


Took a single FXI 4/14 26P for now. I’m ready to get hurt by another foreign ETF. Will monitor before deciding to add anything to this position.

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Not a ton of OI on the 26 strike (though a good amount of volume today). I’m still watching, but looking at the 28 strike.

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Yeah, hella volume today. My 26p was up 10% and is back down just above breakeven. Gonna watch for a few days maybe to see how it plays out.

I took one put around the $27.75 rejection.

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Have we considered looking at puts on $ASHR the Chinese ETF? It is down about 4% so far. Robinhood says it has a large concentration of companies in Shenzhen(the majority of the shutdowns are happening there I believe), so this could good for a quick scalp.

I also see that $BABA has made serious moves down, so maybe similar to $OZON, a way to indirectly short the Chinese market.

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This will be good, Elaine can just re-use the same article and switch the ticker names :kekw:


Full disclosure: I took 20% on that FXI put. Will be keeping an eye for reentry.

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Got out of mine as well. Nice 15% gain.

Looks like FXI is somewhat SPY correlated and I think we could see a pop here, leading to another entry.


Jumped in FXI today with some 26p for 4/1. Picked them up for $1.01 avg.

just sold my FXI 28p for 27%. got in this morning when i saw you guys talking about it on TF. i don’t want to hold these overnight so will look to get back in tomorrow if it presents itself.

thanks guys, great call!


Congrats! We were late getting in on this, but glad some people made money on it today.

Just got:

  • FXI 4/14 28P - exposure to China large cap
  • KWEB 4/14 20P - exposure to China internet-based companies

Was also debating between but didn’t get:

  • EWH - tracks Hong Kong and reacted much to the Shenzen closings, but isn’t showing much life here
  • MCHI - broad exposure to China markets, similar to FXI, but less liquidity

Counting on some more negative pressure from a combination of COVID lockdowns and concerns around delisting from US markets.


I joined you in holding some KWEB overnight.

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More lockdowns announced.

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Great thread guys thanks for the call outs !

Made some money playing calls on $YANG today. Something to keep an eye on also

by the way @nano HSI (Hang Seng) opened up limit down. It’s bounced somewhat but is still down 4% on the day in the current Asia session.


Thanks for putting this thread together, going to start a position on a few of these tomorrow.

Also looks like Covid cases keep going up.

Also adding this one