$clbr huge maga play potential

$CLBR - MAGA play with 2.9m float & options :ballot_box_with_check:

$CLBR is the next MAGA play that will be merging with PublicSq. this Thursday. Think of them as the right-wing version of Amazon.
They’ve been endorsed by major conservative players like Donald Trump Jr. and they supposedly even have an ad deal with Tucker Carlson. I believe this could go for 2 reasons: - It’s a low 2.9M float WITH options - It has the MAGA angle where similar sympathies ran hard after being mentioned on
Fox News such as -
Truth Social ($DWAC) went from $10s to $175 - Black Rifle Coffee Company
($BRCC) went from $10s to $34 -
Rumble ($RUM) went from $10s to $17.23
With how low float SPACs have been running and how die-hard the MAGA crowd is, I think this has the potential to be a runner through Thursday.

DD done by MrL

Honestly think this has huge potential, shows exact same signs as many of the huge jump space


IDK HOW but it went from $11:90-> $14.34 in like 20 min and then just died. Still think there’s a chance it skyrockets on thursday

<@904877954234986556> you’re my go to spac guy so I’m tagging you


Redemption reversals?

I thought reversal were done

Something to keep an eye out for tomorrow: there will be a meeting via webcast at 10:00am EST for shareholders to approve the business combination with PSQ Holdings, Inc


What is the NAV?


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Nice callout

Will be trading under PSQH tomorrow. Remember remember CCIV → LCID

Thanks for this one. Wish I’d gon deeper