Clean Energy - Biden Invoking Defense Production Act

Putting this out there so others can research in tandem. Biden to invoke the DPA for clean energy / mineral production.


Defense Production Act = Defense Production Act |


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So, so far I’m reading this is further pushing for some of his build back better plans under the guise of national defense/preparation. Interesting.

Anyway imo energy sector tickers that could potentially benefit from this is DUK, ET, and OKE. I’ll dig into more when I get a chance.

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DUK: All time high it seems, consistent dividends.

ET: Was hit hard in 2015, and never really recovered. This one I want to dig deeper into, if the US ramps up LNG and crude to export to EU, ET might be set for a rip. But I want to understand why it hasnt risen as much as the other two…

OKE: Seems to be gaining good allready, also pretty decent dividends !

All three have next earnings in the first week of May.


Hello liberals and green people, just wanted to share as an update to the post above regarding the DPA and energy. Since May 12 or so we have seen a gradual incline in tickers like RUN etc. adding to watch.