CLNE TTE VLO - Biodiesel/ Renewable Diesel [WIP]

Description of why you are requesting DD: Cheap clean diesel for increased refinement needs when the global dependency on US energy increases? IDK I’m intoxicated and just want to bookmark this to dig into on Saturday.
Applicable links to news articles or Reddit analysis: Motley Fool article that I pulled tickers from but didn’t actually read.
This the most 1/10th assed post in 2022.

It looks like it’s testing the $90 resistance. If it breaks out, I think you’ll continue seeing upward momentum on VLO for a little while.

If it fails to break out, I think you’ll see it dip down to around $82 before another upward reversal.

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Thanks for working on this, bud! I’m archiving this now. This would have been a great play for those who followed.