$CMRA: new possible pump and dump

CMRA is a shitty Bio tech spac that gets pumped hard often by “low float” “Short squeeze” “To the moon” type of people, Looking at social media mentions volume I believe theirs a lot of value in riding the wave, last time it hit about $1.4 it shot up to $5.5 within 7 days. As of writing this it’s at $3.18. I believe it’s on its way to make another quick run and then a dump. Riding it with 1060 shares at $3.10. It’s on its first day up 88%+. I think over the week it’s gonna rise and then slowly bleed. Just thought i’d mention it. I’m riding it quick in and out within the next few days as it’s only the first day of its pump imo. Volume has dropped off hard from 20 M+ to only a few M. Sold at 3.92. I would not get into this play now as I believe it’s gonna just slowly die

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