COIN - Looking for a Rebound?

Ticker: < COIN >
Description of why you are requesting DD: <Over the year the ticker seems to demonstrate a pattern of falling and rebounding. I’m looking for a more experienced technical analysis on this and an educated guess on levels where the rebound may begin for the next round.>

May I recommend SeekingAlpha’s COIN page - it’s usually where I get my grounding from for any unfamiliar ticker.

I like COIN. I have a position though it’s a bit underwater. Not worried though as I see them as being an integral part of the plumbing that will facilitate the mainstreaming of crypto. Whether we like it or not, crypto is becoming more and more a part of our financial system, and exchanges like COIN are critical to that process. Sadly I didn’t preserve the research I did on them ~6 months ago when I entered the position =/

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