Community Updates + Forum Upgrades

Wanted to keep everyone posted on what is going on in the background here and some updates to the forum.

Options Research Data

Thanks to our Patrons, we’ve been able to open an account with ORATS which provides live dumps of market wide option chain data. We’ll be importing this data into a database so we can continue the research we’ve been doing on predicting gamma squeezes with the benefit of easy access to emerging and historical trends. An API will be provided free of charge to the community so those who’d like, can also utilize the data for what purposes they may have.

Forum Plugin Additions & Fixes

In continuing to build out the forum, I’ve added a few more plugins.

  1. Highlighting - Probably one of the less useful sounding, but more useful in practice plugins is a highlighting plugin that enables users to ==highlight portions of a post==. This is accomplished by selecting the text you’d like to highlight and clicking the :gear: on the editor, and selecting it from that menu. You can also wrap the text you’d like to highlight in “==”.

  2. Additional Formatting Options - Justification, the ability to add an image via URL instead of upload, text sizing and coloring are all now available.

  3. Events - With callouts, there are often times events or important dates associated. You can now click the :gear: icon and add an event to your post complete with reminders that other users can sign up to receive. I’m also working on an integration to the forum that will display this calendar on the forum homepage so everyone can see what catalysts are coming with the various ideas that are being discussed here.

  4. SMTP Relay Fixed - I’ve moved emails to sendgrid so now everyone should reliably get their email notifications and daily digests.

Recruiting Development Volunteers

I’m looking for volunteers who can contribute work on forum plugins, data analysis work or just general development related tasks. The first task at hand is creating a forum plugin for Discourse that parses topic titles for ticker symbols and renders a TradingView chart with it below the body of the post. Discourse plugins are unfortunately written in Ruby. – If you’re experienced in data analysis, coding, etc. and are wanting to help out, please comment here with your skillset and experience so I can add you to the Dev group on discord. If you are currently in ATL’s homework help thread and think that is the real dev group, I regret to inform you that you’ve been bamboozled by an adorable little asian man.

Looking Forward

I’m really excited for where this community is headed. We’ve got so many incredible trade ideas being researched in this forum that even I’ve stopped feeling the need to browse Reddit (and I fucking love shitposting on Reddit). This forum was just the first step in creating value for our community and I have several ideas in the works to increase that value even further while sustaining the growth and quality of our community.

  1. Community Invites - I like the exclusivity of our community. We’re going to continue to periodically open the doors and allow a limited number of new members to join. I’m going to personally reach out to “analysts” on Reddit and Twitter that I find have solid research and invite them to join us here. If you have any personal favorites, don’t hesitate to suggest them in the comments or reach out to them yourselves. While general invites are limited, I definitely think we should always continue to add established talent as I’m sure a good bit of them would enjoy a better venue for their analysis than the cesspool that is Reddit.

  2. Trade Ideas Scanner Stream - I briefly had a stream of “Trade Ideas” scanners running in the discord before the influx. We found a lot of value in it and I’d like to bring it back but with a more permanent setup than streaming off my home server (since my bandwidth is thin as the profit margins on OYST calls.) The stream will use the same set of scanners as before and the community can contribute scanners they’d like added to it as well.

  3. ORTEX integration - I think providing the community increased access to ORTEX data on various tickers would be supremely beneficial and has been one of the most requested functions. We’ll likely have to implement this ourselves, but would be a solid addition the pipeline.

  4. Increased Education Content - I’m working on some content to educate the community on my personal trading strategies and theories as well as to disseminate more of the knowledge we’ve gained over the last year of trying to better understand “squeezes” in hopes of further empowering this community to generate it’s own signals.

I want this to be the best trading community in existence and I’m running hard at making that a reality. With that said, what I need from the community is help. If you haven’t become a Patron and have the ability to, it’s the easiest way to support what we’re doing here. You can do so at: – As we grow and this community becomes more and more time consuming for the myself and the administration, having the costs of the tools and benefits provided crowdsourced will definitely help preserve dedication because at some point, expenditures of both time and money become “too much”.

I’m excited for where we are and where we’re going. Will have more soon.


love the direction this community is heading towards. appreciate all the work to conq and friends who put the time for this


This gave me a good laugh! :rofl:


This is probably the greatest community I’ve had the chance to be involved in. The direction it is heading in is something to behold. Grateful to be here.


Thanks very much for your altruism and efforts in helping single-celled trading amoebas like myself


I have no idea what ruby is. I have experience with c++, r studio, and Java. Haven’t used Java in quite some time.

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I know some python and sql. can do analysis on stuff @Conqueror

and i am a big asian man thank you lol


This community is one of the best things I’ve been a part of ever. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into this. The forum is great and you’re great Conq.


I am a full stack developer for a Fortune 100 company, specilaized in JavaScript, and would be interested in helping to build any technologies our community desires.


This is awesome. I’m interested in contributing as well. Especially with some of the historical option data. I work in machine learning/data science, so open to ideas and looking to collaborate.

Senior software engineer here with ~8 years of professional experience. Currently working heavy in the AWS landscape with serverless in a node flavor so I could help with any headless api development if you guys are interested in going that route.

I also have ruby experience so if you find no volunteers to help build that plugin I could look into it. I hate ruby though so I’d rather wait for you to find someone else


Hey, I’m a software engineer at a large ecommerce website where I currently work with:

node js
Extensive experience with many AWS services.

But I also have worked with python at my job and all throughout my comp sci degree. Recent experience involves helping ATL out with his homework :joy:.

I wouldn’t mind helping out where I can outside of work.


About to finish my Masters in CS. Have some experience with machine learning, statistical methods, other math type stuff. Good at C++, Python, have some experience with a bunch of other languages, webdev, databases, etc., and am confident I can pick up whatever language/tools needed to help out where I can

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Thanks, as always @Conqueror . You and the rest of the crew have done a great job and continue to do so. Looking forward to your content!

I’m limited in time, but I’m fairly experienced when it comes to managing people, developing lessons/educational material, and have taught research methods at the university level. Let me know if you ever need anything.

Thanks for everything Conq, just joined the Patreon. Keep up the great work!

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Thank you for all that you do, Conq! Very grateful to be a member of this community and I can’t wait for what the future has in store for us.


Glad to see it all coming to fruition @Conqueror excited to see where it goes!

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You have my sword.
Yet another software dev with 8 years of experience here. Usually work on “bloody” enterprise things with C#, TypeScript, Azure/AWS, and SQL of different flavors. Though I’ve never touched Ruby, I guess I could be of help.

One won’t find me very talkative in Discord, but I’m grateful to be part of this community.


I have hobbyist experience with JS/TS, Discord libraries, and Ruby. Seems like there’s a lot of software professionals that are better equipped than I would be but wanted to throw it out there.

Professionally, I do some data analysis and geospatial analysis functions with Pandas, ArcGIS, Geopandas, Tableau & Spotfire so I can help with the data analysis stuff. Researching people or business entities is also a core part of my job and I can apply any of that to stonks as well.

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