Conrad's big Bitcoin Halving thread that only 10 people will care about

Hello Valhalla. This thread is mostly serving as a placeholder for further discourse on the upcoming bitcoin Halving/Halvening and the potential long-term plays surrounding it.

Don’t know what the Halving is or why you should give a shit? Let me explain it in two sentences or less:

New Bitcoin is minted approximately every 10 minutes (don’t worry, there is a 21,000,000 bitcoin cap, it’s not infinite). Every 4 years since the inception of the Bitcoin network, the amount of Bitcoin that’s minted on that cycle has been cut cleanly in half.

As far as price action for Bitcoin, this has had meaningful (and predictable) effects despite it only having occurred three times. The next halving is anticipated to occur in early July 2024.

I’ve included a couple of charts that helps showcase how this has moved Bitcoin’s price in the past. This thread is just a platform for further discussion.
Personally I will be refining my DD on some of the proxies (miners), and uploading here.

Thanks for reading. Love ya guys. Shoutout to <@363741563072937984> and yes, even <@718915739284799499>.imageimageimage


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Ticker will be $BITX

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Great write up <@1126996112360874109> Thanks for your contribution

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Do you think they will approve all the ETFs on the same day, so it doesn’t like they are favoring one over the others?

upcoming catalyst for crypto i take it ?

1 - ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF (Re-filing) (ARKB) by 21Shares & ARK
Filing Date: 6/28/21
Final Deadline: 1/10/24

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