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Are you poor like me, but you know that being in Valhalla inherently benefits your net worth? Do you only have 5 minutes a day to yourself, and you wonder if you can do something within those 5 minutes that will pay for your $25 monthly membership fee? I’m here to inform you that if you live in the right State (or in the right Country), the answer is yes!

Very serious disclaimer: if you have an addictive personality and/or a history of gambling addiction, please do not read any further

There’s this new category of website that has been increasing in popularity the past few years which exists solely to take your money in exchange for crippling depression. That’s right! I’m talking about online casinos.

Due to laws in the US restricting online gambling, these online casinos have skirted the law by operating in the grey space of “sweepstakes”, and as such they are regulated by sweepstakes laws instead of gambling laws. In order to be officially recognized as such, these websites GIVE AWAY anywhere from $0.20 to $5.00 daily in their own flavor of “sweepstakes coins” (SC) in order to claim that they are “no purchase necessary”. Of course, they do this while shoving their lovely digital coin packages in your face, but we’re going to ignore all of that.

What we’ll be doing is creating accounts on one to several of the more trustworthy websites (personally tested by yours truly), claiming their daily dollar, and then logging off until the same time tomorrow when we do it all over again. Once we’ve reached a certain threshold of SC tokens, we will meet the casino’s required 1x playthrough of the currency by playing their highest RTP (Return-to-Player) games – usually this is something like plinko, minefield or blackjack-- in order to unlock the SC for direct ACH withdrawal to your favorite bank account. Withdrawing to a bank account will require KYC verification. Things like Photo ID, Utility Bill, etc. are common asks for this process. If that makes you uncomfortable, I get it, so be warned.

This strategy will require your willpower. Do not mess around with the effect these website will have on your degenerate temptations. If you follow the rules and don’t start acting like you are a special lucky snowflake, it will soon become a habit that not only covers the monthly Valhalla fee, but maybe even a trip or two to Wendy’s. All for ZERO input cost.

Sound too good to be true? Try me, hoe.

Here are websites I recommend and personally use every day for their free SC reward. If you want to avoid actually gambling with these website’s games and just want to pay for your Valhalla membership, you can accomplish this with the option listed first. For the sake of simplicity I will only be listing the trustworthy websites that consistently award $1 daily and have either no or very low playthrough requirements. (there are others, but I will save them for the end).

No playthrough requirement
Minimum withdrawal varies by desired withdrawal method (ACH transfer is 50 SC)
Daily reward of 1 SC ($1)

Chumba Casino

1x Playthrough requirement
Minimum withdrawal = 100 SC
Daily reward of 1 SC ($1)

1x Playthrough requirement
Minimum withdrawal = 100 SC
Daily award starts low but increases to $1 daily after a week

These three are the biggest social casinos with some of the fastest withdrawal times, and they also have some of the better games for washing (or in the case of stake, have no washing requirement). I know the minimum withdrawal requirement looks scary, but that’s why this method takes dedication.

Washing Strategy

Stake us >>> No washing necessary. Claim the daily SC 50 days in a row and enjoy your free Valhalla membership :dogedance:

Chumba Casino:

You’ve got a couple options, and unfortunately both of them are Blackjack. I affectionately refer to these are “Purple” and “Green” Blackjack. It doesn’t really matter which one you use as long as you are using the MINIMUM BET, the only difference is the number of hands you can play at one time. If you were washing very large amounts of SC, then it makes sense to use Green BJ. Purple BJ deals and finishes games faster, so that’s the one I use. Both games have a very similar RTP of about 99.43%, but you’re only going to get that return by using Blackjack Basic Strategy. Have no idea how to play blackjack? That’s fine, there are hundreds of charts out there that explain how to do it. I have attached one of the more easy-to-read ones here. Just follow the chart and you will easily turn 100 unwashed SC into 95 washed SC or more.

Modo US:

Another couple of options here. Blackjack is the preferred, but if you’re trying to set it and forget it, then Roulette is your next best bet. The blackjack way is the same as Chumba - follow basic strategy and collect. Roulette may sound like a retarded way to wash your SC, but we’re using a very fun little strategy called 35-35-2. Load up American Roulette 3D once you have acquired 74 SC or more, and throw 35 SC on both Red AND Black. Then, pop 2 SC each onto 0 and 00. This method basically guarantees that you lose a small amount of your SC (unless you hit 0/00), but it covers all of the bases and is extremely fast. Most of the time you will be putting up 74 SC and getting 70 back that are eligible for withdrawal. A small loss, but remember, you got these for free!

And that’s basically it. There are MANY more of these social casinos out there, but I wanted to keep it easy with the ones I trust the most to actually pay me out when I withdraw. Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps you make an extra buck.

For the extra mile, feel free to DM me for a PDF outlining the more advanced washing techniques and a longer list of available social casinos. I’ll include a few of the other ones I use if you want to check them out. For the record, I use each and every one of the links below. I usually make upwards of $300 a month just from using the daily payouts and buying discounted packs to wash through.

I would put links here, but the forum doesn’t allow more than 2 and this post is too long for discord. DM me for referral codes <3

Pulsz Casino
Wow Vegas
Lucky Land Slots
High 5 Casino
Ruby Sweeps
Global Poker
Zula Casino


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