COVID Inflated stocks for ER season

Hey all.

I’m starting this thread as earnings season is upon us.

We saw the first 10-30 bagger in NFLX coming down, and I believe there are still tickers out there trading well above their pre-covid value, that rode up to ATH’s due to the covid market (stuff like docu, pton, zm, etc).

What I’d like and appreciate is for us as a community to come together and list stocks in this thread with upcoming ER. Ideally they are trading WELL above their pre-covid value still (unlike pton) and haven’t had to lower their guidance/see reality yet.

The one that comes to mind for me is @Ridn2lo 's Carvana call out. I’m sure there’s others.

I know we had a previous “which ticker looks interesting” for earnings but I’d like this thread to list out tickers that fit the context of still being covid inflated. Once we have a few solid ones then further dd can be fleshed out.


How do you feel about HD? commodities pricing and stay at home DIY projects really soared through the pandemic and there stock is still trading high.

  1. CLX
    Earnings: February 3 Per Robinhood
    Trading price on February 2020: $157 to $174
    Current Price: $178.60

  2. MRNA → Could foreshadow depending on how JNJ earnings are tomorrow PM.
    Earnings: February 24 " "
    Trading price on February 2020: $25
    Current Price: $160

  3. NVAX
    Earnings: February 28 " "
    Trading price on February 2020: $7
    Current Price: $83

  4. TDOC
    Earnings: February 23 " "
    Trading price on February 2020: $102 to $148
    Current Price: $73 → Stocks been trending down for the past several months. May not be a good one, but who knows.

  5. ZM
    Earnings: February 28 " "
    Trading price on February 2020: $77 to $121
    Current Price: $147


DOCU maybe. stock is beaten down a lot but remains to see if financials improved. SG&A eats up so much profits from income stmt.

this is a great list. I am particularly eyeing MRNA. I think ZM may have more room to drop, but MRNA seems to me the obvious one. The others you listed seem to be beaten down/near their precovid levels already. thanks bud.

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I’m not too sure on HD. While they did get a bump from covid, they are also just generally a good business that will always be relevant due to home renovations. In fact, with the real estate boom I could see them doing well. Alternatively, with the real estate boom dying down, it could also lower guidance. I think for the covid type play this one isn’t in the criteria. Thanks for sharing though. <3


What about NVAX? Precovid it was trading near single digits. Currently at $83.


my bad, that was the other ticker too. I’ll add that to the list. thanks bud.


SHOP- Earnings feb 16th
Peak: $1762
Current level: $882
Pre covid level (feb): $450
This could be huge.


I’ve noticed quite a few times that HD likes to stay green when SPY doesn’t.


It’s insane how much SHOP has gotten rekt

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AMC still has some room to fall


Been looking at SHOP – completely agree. But, the premium on puts is absolutely insane right now with the recent volatility. Do you think there will be a better entry? It feels like the stock is already in freefall and will continue that way into earnings.


The meme stocks AMC and GME are both personal picks that I think will fall with this unwinding of easy monetary policy.

Oh and RH too, but RH doesn’t have earnings until mid-March I think.


Robinhood? They are 01/27.

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guys this thread is for stocks like @G700 put out, not just an upcoming earnings thread. Please keep it on topic.

Not HOOD. RH(Restoration Hardware). A lot of the server tried playing it last time, but we got bit by the fact that the stock went up like 30 minutes before earnings. The actual earnings call was terrible from what I could tell. However it has come down a considerable amount since then, and perhaps we could get a bleed to pre-COVID levels.


not sure if deserving its own thread, but I was looking at ANET.

Sector is high-bw low-freq networking stack. “The low-latency of Arista switches has made the platform prevalent in high-frequency trading environments, such as the Chicago Board Options Exchange[52] (largest U.S. options exchange), Lehman Brothers[53] or RBC Capital Markets.[54] As of October 2009, one third of its customers were big Wall Street firms.[55].” Competitors include CSCO.

Couple things happened since last earnings (Skyrocketed as shown). Split 4 to 1, which makes real growth even higher, and inside sell by their CTO.

Noted that their moat is in the integration of software stack and outsourced hw chip (from broadcom). CSCO is much larger company by far and lagged behind. Looking more into why their last earnings popped…

Very possible this is just a unicorn stock that performs as good as market thinks… and not a COVID boosted ticker.

Oh RH is most likely gonna crumble on next earnings I think. They’re just blowing money on stupid shit.

The one that should out to me, is Camping World. (CWH) it was trading near $15 pre-Covid. Clearly, anything outdoors was profitable during the pandemic, but Camping World is the only RV company I could find that hasn’t come back down to earth. They were recently trading at $45 until this dip.