Crafty COVID collapse or new niche surprise? ETSY

Don’t have a ton of time or ability to put together a full DD on Etsy but I’m starting the thread, continuing from VC. Will add replies with some of the research I did this morning, general consensus in VC is likely dump after earnings but I’ll be posting what I found that makes me hesitant and if the whole market wasn’t dragging down might have me buying a couple calls. More to follow.

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The Zacks article I read is very recent, i.e. today, and although it was the last one I read this morning, it’s the first one I’m posting because I feel it’s the most relevant and reputable.

The tl;Dr is that earnings revisions this late in the game are predicting more favorable results than previous predictions.

Forbes also put out an article today that seems a little click-baity but has a lot of trend analysis compared to the rest of the market, in that Etsy has dropped way more than the S&P over the last couple months:

My feeling from this is that the “pre-covid price” sentiment may be already priced in and that a positive earnings would mean it is holding some of its COVID gains.

Seeking alpha predicts a 11% YOY revenue growth

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