Cramers likely to bounce stocks

Beak shared the article on tf @snoodking1 had some good analysis on them.

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For what it’s worth I’m not of the inverse Cramer group myself although he’s a jack off. He’s been largely successful throughout his career. But was a good read and I happen to agree with a lot of @snoodking1 beliefs here. Wanted to throw it up so it doesn’t get lost for people not on tonight.

Snood’s Quick Analysis
KeyCorp - doubt it, management sucks.
Bank of America - possibly banks do well in recessions
JPMorgan Chase - possibly
Accenture - no idea but in tech, consulting, and services
ServiceNow - another idk
Domino’s Pizza - cheap pizza in recession seems probable.
Yum! Brands - same as above
Generac - power generation and equipment provider. They’ve beat the past 3 eps estimates.
Stanley Black & Decker - based on people buy cheap b&d products to save money by DIYing?
S&P Global - lol
American Tower - with 5G expanding these tower lease providers are primed to make a killing
Crown Castle - same as above
SBA Communications - same as above
Mid-America Apartment - Communities - one of the largest apartment rental / management companies. With prices going up it’s possible they take it it.

There’s my opinion. Let’s see if I’m right or wrong

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