CRO, digital currency of the online exchange platform

Earlier this evening, we saw CRO.x hit 0.85 and I immediately alerted the Discord server’s Crypto thread…

While this crypto-currency is slowly but surely moving towards it’s previous all-time-high of 2.0, I’m trying to take advantage of compounding gains.
Exiting at every critical price resistance, then trying to re-enter at the best possible lowest support bounce.

CRO is the digital currency of the Exchange
You will find more statistics here: Cronos price today, CRO to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

CRO has been making news rounds lately for their purchase and renaming of LA’s Staples Center…

CRO has a strong marketing campaign, and good business partnerships with a few popular teams/brands in a number of industries…

I’m planning to buy back in should the 15min candle find a new floor.
Looking at 0.68-0.75, although I won’t be surprised if it touches all the way down to 0.6.

Our Discord server’s Crypto thread has been monitoring the weekends successfully a few times now.
We manage to warn each other of possible price pullbacks and good price entries.

It will be best to support that tradition by continuing to write about known good projects here in the forums.
This will help negate the possibilities of falling into scams–which is prevalent in the blockchain space at the moment.


Quick update:

Wife just “asked” me to put beddings and stuff. Have fun!


CRO-USD, looking to try for 0.98.
IF that breaks, watch out for max of 1.2 before possible knife.




CRO dropped to 0.7654, and has since bounced back to 0.82.
That was the 3rd time the BB %b indicator hit rock bottom and under, so it should be recovering well here now.

It has since crashed back down since the update above…

IF you’re still in profit, consider exiting.
IF you’re thinking of entering, wait for it to find the new floor and consolidate on that channel for a time.
I’d give it a few days from here–if not a month.

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Despite the bad news of a new Covid-19 variant, CRO.x continued on its run since bouncing from the that dip off 0.64.
In the 2hour chart, we may see it try for 0.9 again in a day or two.

It touched the bottom of the RSI, and the BB %b indicator shows there’s room for profit even if you got in at 0.84.

I’m really liking their whole ecosystem lately. Thanks for charting this and all your DD / insight! Have you looked into VVS at all? Curious to see your thoughts on that

CRO is another chart that I really like atm…

It might try the 0.6560 resistance soon, before going back down to the 0.3611 support line.
If it breaks past that resistance, I might sell to then wait for a buy opportunity below support.
I have this on Coinbase so it’s easier for me to move. Chief Executive Kris Marszalek told The Wall Street Journal in a recent interview that executives want the company to become one of the top 20 consumer brands in the next three to five years, among the likes of Nike Inc. and Apple Inc.

Very impressed by the vision from CDC. While other blockchains offer more technical and smart contract utility, CRO seems to know exactly what it is, doesn’t try to pretend to be more, and seems to clearly have the best business execution and marketing team in the Crypto space.

Big moves buying out Staples Center and super bowl ads, these are nice catalysts especially with the crypto market in aggregate turning bullish.

Since BTC is still dropping, it’s safe to say CRO will go along with it…

I’d look for a bounce on the recent support lines (marked in yellow).