CRSP and the cure for blindness?

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I freaking love this technology. I never play the company, but this seems down a lot since it’s highs. What do other people think about this one? I might go super long on this and actually buy some shares :nauseated_face:
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I saw this, seems cool as shit
BREAKTHROUGH: Scientists Reverse Blindness [CRISPR Technology] - YouTube

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CRISPR really does have a chance of becoming one of the most important technologies in the world for healing and so so much more. I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on this ticker from now on.

The blindness news is actually a little old at this point. I remember reading about it a few weeks ago. They also are working with a private company called ViaCyte on a cure for type 1 diabetes, which was more recently announced.

The problem with them is that they have a long pathway to profitability on anything they start.

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I bought into CRSP and NTLA in the teens, and EDIT in the 30s. Sold all of them for a decent profit last year, but obviously wish I’d held in retrospect. Check out BEAM and CRBU for two other companies in the space - CRBU being a recent IPO, only at $16, and having Doudna on the board.

CRISPR will be a groundbreaking technology for sure, but people need to realize that clinical trials take 7 years in the best of circumstances, and genetic technologies are NOT going to be one of those “fast-track” therapies. Also, any adverse events in clinical trials carry an extra heavy risk here - google the tragic story of Jesse Gelsinger to see how governments react when gene therapies go wrong. Even ignoring the downside risks, these companies (except CRBU) are trading 7+ years in the future essentially.

I think it’s too early to know which horse will win here, IMO betting on the entire CRISPR field is the play.

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