Crumbl - week of 3/21

I probably won’t partake this week, but the PB Snickers does sound pretty good.

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Alright chubbies. I need reviews for this week. Let’s hear it.


Sitting this week out. From eating Crumbl I mean.

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I have returned from my journey to Crumbl, my report as follows .

Best to Basic
Key Lime - One of Crumbls best, kind of pie like- sweet slightly sour- just right

Triple Chocolate- much better than previous chocolate cookies - less brownie like more chocolate cookie like

Iced Oatmeal - Icy yet satisfying, that subtle oatmeal taste without the chewiness of a oatmeal cookie from the oats

Snickers - lots of snickers and icing but simple cookie underneath. Wish they would make it an actual cookie and not just a topping.

Pink sugar- icing reminds me of pistachio ice cream for some reason. Good but nothing special

Chocolate chip cookie- basic , nothing to right home about

I think strongest line up in awhile, worth the drive whereas the last couple weeks let us down.


Snickers was my favorite this week out of the four I sampled; I saved half a cookie to pair with my morning coffee which made for an extraordinary breakfast of champions. My girlfriend’s favorite was key lime in terms of both presentation and flavor. Also regarding presentation, she pointed out that the frosting on our iced oatmeal was a little sus and promptly dubbed it the cumble cookie … therefore I got to eat the whole thing myself :pepepray:

Tonight I will be reviewing the following:

-Key Lime Pie, probably the one I am most excited about :slight_smile:

-Triple chocolate


After dinner (BBQ smoked pork, coleslaw, and mashed potato) I could only commit to but one of these beauties … so the rose winner of tonights episode of crumblette is … The Triple Chocolate!

I chose Triple Chocolate not because I thought it would be my fav, I have a deep yearning for the both sweet and sour persuasion of key lime deserts, but because it so elegantly complimented the good ol’ country cooking I enjoyed this evening.

And it was phenomenal! This cookie exists in a world between chocolate cookie and brownie, a delicious dream of sugar, cocoa, milk and comfort. 9/10 would recommend :+1:


Oatmeal 10/10, will be going back for more of these. key Lime TBD.