CRUMBL week of 3/7



Cornflake Marshmallow is the unanimous champion at my household this week, closely followed by Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I’m hoping to secure a good entry in a Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreo position next week

Fruity pebbles: 10,000/10 would eat a dozen in one sitting.

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Its BULK SZN so im buying calls on CRUMBL

Reeses: 6/10 - very rich and the icing was a bit off IMO. The cereal on top gets stale ASAP, so this is one you gotta eat quickly apparently. Will probably scape the icing off and chill the chocolate base to see if that makes it better.

Cornflake thing - 3/10. This is a bad Rice Krispie treat. How do you even mess up a Rice Krispie treat? This will be going to the raccoons.

Glad fruity pebbles save this week :pepepray:

Cinnamon. Toast. Crunch.

Wow. That one was a winner for me. I’d put it above fruity pebbles. :drooling_face: