CRWD - Crowd Strike DD

Crowd Strike (CRWD) is a Cyber Security Company that engages in the provisions of network security solutions to corporations, enterprises and governments around the Globe. The Stock IPO’D in June 2019 and the stock has seen massive growth in the last year.

The share price has gone up over 100 percent and is currently trading at 262 which is on the expensive side considering the revenue and sales despite the company continuing to grow at a record pace.

The customer base has grown over 102 percent since 2019 and they are adding fortune 500 companies every quarter with 44 out of the top 100 fortune companies on the Forbes list as customers and some of there biggest clients being
-Credit Suisse
-Goldman Sachs

Down from its ATH of 298 just a few days ago before Morgan Stanly decided to Downgrade CRWD to underweight and called it “Too Expensive” setting a new price target of 247 per share which is the lowest price target on the street with the highest being 360 per share

When that news came out pre market Monday morning November 15th, the stock took a 30 dollar haircut and lost over 10 percent in a single trading day bringing it down to a low of that’s right you guessed it 247-248 Before bouncing back up.

CRWD is a bit on the expensive side for a growth stock but I think Mondays 10 percent drop was a bit of an over reaction and with earnings coming up in December, I think we could easily see CRWD bounce back into the 280s or back to ATH with a run up into earnings.

Cyber security is one of the biggest issues facing the corporate world and national governments and with CRWD being one of the leaders in the field, I can see them blowing out earnings again and beating expectations again like they have continued to do each quarter.

Since that news on Monday the stock has since bounced back strong and closed at 261 Today, so it already had a strong bounce off that 247 and I think it will continue to get bought up by institutional buyers and will be back to previous highs despite the Morgan Stanley Downgrade

Link to previous earnings reports

CRWD Earnings Date, Forecast and Report (CrowdStrike) (

Institutional Ownership

Institutions own around 72 percent of the holdings in CRWD

CRWD - Ownership Information for CROWDSTRIKE HOLDINGS, INC. - MSN Money

Overall Im Bullish on CRWD and recommend you throwing it on your watchlist, keep an eye on it and follow how it moves. it tends to have big moves in a single day. Im looking at call options for December 17 Primary Expiration. I have not entered a position yet.

Options on CRWD are pricey, I always recommend buying In the money or at the money Calls but OTM could work also in an attempt to play a run up into earnings which is scheduled for December 1st.

This is my first DD I have written and would love any input, I have thrown a few trade ideas on the trading floor, and hope to bring some more trade ideas to the forum. Appreciate you All!


It got hit pretty hard recently. See what it finds for a new support and then wait for a consolidation. You might have found something here.


I really like CRWD long… I had $2K in shares ~110 sold around 180$ …. Been wanting to get back in since. This recent dip caught my eye especially with infrastructure money still being figured out. I think they will get more contracts long term, but they are definitely still at a premium.

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I work in IT and have some town government clients and it is increasingly becoming difficult to secure cyber insurance and the insurance companies have been getting stricter on 2 factor and such, but importantly I’ve seen 3 different companies so far recommend crowdstrike as a #1 or #2 option for a security endpoint. Looking at a long term chart it seems like a smaller channel is forming at the moment. Dec 17 270/280c spreads are a 1:2 gamble which isn’t bad considering the beatdown and IV is sitting around 50% currently. I’m going to keep an eye out.

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Nice analysis. I believe they’re a great long term play - there’s tons of money being poured into this space. It’s on my watch list :slight_smile:

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I Bought 7k worth of CRWD 270 Strikes for December 17 Expiration this morning. I Plan to hold them for about 2 weeks until earnings which is December 1st.

Not financial advise just sharing my trade, Do your own DD and invest at your own risk. Cheers!

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Looks like the chart roared back. Hopefully you made some good money on it.


I’m currently holding BUG. I agree cyber security will only become more important with time. CRWD is over 5% of it’s holdings. Thanks for the info I will look into this and may transfer.

I sold my entire position this morning on that pop, CRWD had run up faster than I expected and I exited for a nice profit. Looking to re enter a position when CRWD breaks its downtrend and has some upward momentum. Waiting to see if it holds the 260-265 price. Cheers!


Hopefully $200 is the new real support! Got shares at 210

Crowdstrike Holdings (CRWD) reported 3rd Quarter October 2021 earnings of $0.17 per share on revenue of $380.1 million. The consensus earnings estimate was $0.11 per share on revenue of $363.5 million. The Earnings Whisper number was $0.14 per share. Revenue grew 63.5% on a year-over-year basis.

CrowdStrike (ticker: CRWD) said it expects fiscal 2022 earnings of 57 cents to 59 cents a share on revenue of as much as $1.43 billion. Previously, the company forecast fiscal 2022 earnings of 43 cents to 49 cents a share on revenue of $1.39 billion to $1.41 billion.

It’s flat on earnings, could be the start of a reversal?