CRXT... 600% Float sold short


Intraday on the DTC but interesting that the float is over 600% short. No options so I think theres potential that this becomes the next reddit pump after ATER inevitably dies.

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I follow this guy on twitter who has been talking about CRXT last week:

Looks like they are doing a filing, so not sure how this will pan out:

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No option chain so this is a pure shares play. I’d have to look into this more, but I’d probably stay away or watch for JB to call breakouts for a scalp.


Thanks for starting this thread like I asked, since I do like what I see here.

CRXT’s 13 and 48 moving averages crossed up on that recent pump…

It was also preceded by a cross-up of the MACD and Signal lines Above their histogram bars.
I’d like to see the RSI cool down a bit more and then bounce on the 50 line, so between 1.6 to 1.7 price lines.
Best to monitor the 1hour and 4hour candles from here on out.

A few days of consolidation above 1.7 will be great for CRXT.
Definitely a watch. I’ll come back to this on Wednesday once I’m back in my office.
Working on my Macbook is always a pain.


CRXT is at 1.36 in PreM today, breaking down past my ideal consolidation line.
This can easily go under $1 again. Will keep watch.

The ortex data is down from the threads start as well.

Yeah, that should now be reflecting Friday’s numbers.