CYRN - A Cyren call to short!

CYRN is a struggling infosec company that got noticed thanks to sentiment around cybersecurity.

It is also getting pumped by some furus, including our favorite.


SI is high, and float is low - perfect candidate for PnD. (Thanks to @JellyPowered for pulling these in the bot channel.)



CTB doesn’t seem too bad, though this might change when markets open.


(Source: IBorrowDesk)

Could not find any redeeming feature for this company, so expecting it to back down to where it came up from.

No options though, so will have to short directly.


Recent reverse split , got a quiet period before getting pumped. These type typically dies but may also get more pumps.

Go in small if FOMO, if it dies, I’ll still get some easy profit.
If it runs big, at least it’s easy to average up.


Thanks! I tried shorting it, and my broker’s system yelled at me about not being able to short this for some reason that I didn’t quite understand. Looks like I’ll have to sit this one out. Didn’t think about actually testing if the move could be made before sharing, as this has never happened to me before, and I usually use pretty simple tools.