DarKnight trading journal

Thanks Conq for setting this up. I will aim to update this weekly and if substantial movement occurs I’ll post a daily update. I want to see what I can do starting from the new year (or now, few days early) so I will not apply for P/L role until 6 months from now. Tentative 6 month P/L date: 6/1/2022.

I will post general positions and movement on those positions on every update. If validity of positions come into question I will post screenshots, otherwise I will avoid specific positions.

As of 12/27/21 my account that I will be tracking currently has a value of $8645.

I have gamble sized and basically worthless positions in BBAI, APSG, AQST, IPOF. I probably won’t mention these unless it pops off.

I have a substantial position in ESSC covering multiple call options.

Lastly I have a couple lotto call spreads in TSLA.


Good luck!

I’m still working on format of these posts but I’ll start with weekly P/L. I added $5000 into the account and total account value is now $17,483. So the account is up +$3800 since last week.

Since my last update:

  • Played a few TSLA spreads. I would try to buy call spreads day before on dips and sell next day on highs. This worked until Friday. Basically flat trading TSLA for the week. And of course I didn’t hold any over the weekend and the movement I’ve been looking for happens. I might do more spreads if something pops up but done for now.
  • I bought some JPM and WFC calls. DD on threads brought it to my attention and wanted to play the earnings run up. Guess who exit positions on Thursday and Friday and now they are both up Monday? Patience is key but I wanted to use capital on other plays.

Pretty quiet trading for me in the past week. I have less than 25k and not using the webull cash account trick (if that still works I’m not sure) so I’m trading much less than before.

Lastly I am now overleveraged in ESSC for this account. I am holding around 70% in account value in ESSC. Obviously apart of this is due to ESSC positions almost doubling in value since last week. I have other accounts and if this blows up then I’ll be fine financially but I just wanted to be honest. The remaining 30% is basically cash and I’ll be looking to either average in more ESSC or use it for another play.

Late post by one day this week. I actually tested positive for covid on Friday. Felt fine besides a sore throat. Then the weekend hit and I got fucked up. I’m still fucked up. I got two shots of Moderna and second shot was in May. So efficacy really dropped. With my severe symptoms I think I might have delta variant vs omnicron.

This has prevented me from being active in discord or even watching my positions. My only real position is in ESSC. I haven’t had time to play anything else anyways with covid. I have a bunch of alerts in think or swim at 11,12,13,14,18,22 dollars so I can at least open the app and trade if something happens either way.

Since the ESSC play is going on I didn’t actually want to give P/L update yet but current account value has been going from $30,000 to $45,000 depending on price of ESSC. I will give final update once I’m out of all my positions.

Hopefully I can return to some more normal updates with more plays than ESSC.

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Great week last week… until ESSC crashed today. I actually did cover cost basis and then some… but tried to buy the dip as it was dipping with cash… Ended up basically back to break even ~$13,000-$14,000. I’m probably going to withdrawal some money out of this account this week and will post the updated P/L from the beginning of the trading journal since I’ve been moving money in and out. ESSC giveth and taketh away (but mostly to my dumb ass trades). Reminder to self next time… when covering cost basis, leave that money alone…

I do have some positions remaining in ESSC, all of them are 10C that are left. So I could actually go below break even if ESSC drops more.

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Current P/L from beginning of the trading journal: -$1500

There is definitely different lessons to be learned from the first ESSC run and the second ESSC run. In the first run I got greedy. I only thought about what profits I would have at higher and higher price targets and FOMO into a play I had a great entry in…

The second run failure was partly due to greed but moreso trading poorly in my opinion. I covered cost basis but used that cash to buy dips and re-average in. At a certain point in the play it was best to just leave the cash and let the play do it’s thing. Not all squeezes have to be 10 baggers and locking in profits for the next play should always be the ultimate goal. I think it’s actually harder to accept because I didn’t feel like I had the FOMO this time, so that makes it harder to recognize. The play just seemed viable and in the pre-stages of a run when it got rug pulled. Regardless the recognition is to leave the cost basis cash out of it.

In the end my P/L is still okay. I think I actually came out break even in ESSC #2, but my P/L is down due to other plays that collectively lost a couple thousand. However watching unrealized gains disappear is still hard to stomach. I will probably be taking very small positions moving forward (100s instead of 1000s/10,000s) so the P/L will probably move very little. Maybe once I’m feeling better about trading I’ll increase position sizes.

Current account size is $2200 after taking a big chunk out. So $2200 size and P/L is -$1500.

Current account at $1557, P/L -$2150.

Down mostly due to being wrong on NFLX :frowning:

Whoops forgot to update last week. I was as low as $600 in account value last week. This was mostly due to being wrong about AAPL… picking wrong directions for NFLX and AAPL screwed me. Should not be overleveraging on earnings events but I also tried to play to run up and it was also the wrong direction. I noticed that I’m playing similar position sizes when I have a 20k+ account compared to 1k account. So I think I am overleveraging just to try and get ahead in the challenge and also the fact that losing the account will not break the bank for me.

Current account is at $1060, I recovered from SNAP puts when FB died and unloaded 80% before earnings. Lost that other 20% obviously but still profit. P/L $-2650.

Had a good week with earnings. Got NEWR, DDOG, and AFRM correct. Also played ASTR and got out (by dumb luck tbh, not planned) before it went to shit. Current account at $1850. P/L $-1860.

Current account at $1970. P/L -$1740.

Played a few earnings, was wrong on WIX, WH, TRIP, TDOC. I was right about ABNB, RDFN, H, RBLX. Up slightly after all the plays.