Data Feed Suggestions (GPT and General)

Now that Mimir’s document management functionality is moving along, we can probably start cataloguing RSS feeds, documents and sites that Mimir should have the ability to directly search.

If you’re providing suggestions please be specific about what they contain and how we should use the information.

@DonDegenerate suggested the following two which spurred this thread:

  1. RSS | CFTC
  2. Securities and Commodities Fraud

Also, SEC filing integration is already work-in-progress.

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Nasdaq has a bunch of feeds:

I believe fidelity uses a specific website for its news functionality. I’ll try to find it.

Putting this here from @tedro (SEC)

looks like only the last 7 days are available.
Index of /20230221 (

compared to

Fidelity also uses this but I’m not certain it’s RSS feed:
All Financial Services & Investing News and Press Releases from PR Newswire


all roads lead back to SEC and it’s annoying


Ex-Div dates, looks like there is a feed for it in @tedro’s link above. Could be nice for an alert or calendar entry a day or two before? For any open positions.

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